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How Clearabee Can Handle Rubbish Removal

Published / by CapaConf

Clearabee is the largest rubbish removal company in the United Kingdom. In addition to other parts of the country they have operations in London. Their most popular rubbish removal service is their man & van plan which can remove rubbish on the same day they are called. Their service includes labour as well as loading so they handle all of the work.

Throughout most of the UK, Clearabee is able to divert 90% of the rubbish the collect away from landfills. However, in London this company is able to keep 100% of the rubbish out of landfills. As a further commitment to being environmentally friendly, they offset all of the CO2 that their company vehicles emit.

Once a Clearabee van has been called and is on the site that needs rubbish removal, which can be either a home or a business, the man with the van will provide the client with a final quote. As a flexible company, Clearabee can rubbish removal from a location with more than one van when the location has a lot of rubbish that needs to be hauled away.

As an additional benefit, Clearabee covers the cost of the congestion zone in London. These fees are not tacked onto the final invoice that the client receives. They are open six days a week, excluding Sundays, and do not charge extra for Saturday, early morning, or evening service.