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Productive Advertising by White Shark Media

Published / by CapaConf

White Shark Media is a prime digital marketing agency that provides online marketing services mainly for small and medium-sized companies. The firm has worked itself up to be the fastest growing digital agency in North America. The company is unique as it runs cost-effective search marketing campaigns while delivering high-end customer experience.

Many companies have improved in their business by utilizing White shark Media’s marketing strategies. Clients appreciate the company because it takes accountability to what happens with their marketing monthly. White Shark Media was established in 2011 with three Danish entrepreneurs, Alexander Nygart who is the chief executive officer, Gary Garth serving as the chief business development officer and Andrew Lolk. The firm was established with an objective of venturing into the expanding market in Latin America and the US providing outstanding services.

White Shark Media has grown to have 150 employees in three countries providing services like Display Advertising, Google Analytics, Adwords Search and Bing Ads. After one year of hard work, the company was recognized by Google at the beginning of 2012 when they were invited to the Google HQ that took place in Mountain View in California. At the event, Google assigned a designated support group to leverage the company’s client needs and its growth.

This partnership led to White Shark Media winning the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnerships in July 2014. The company is excited to be a Google AdWords Premier SMB partner because the program exclusively includes hand-picked agencies meaning they meet all the qualifications. Moreover, Microsoft noticed the firm through its proven track record and their unwavering help for small companies. Therefore, White Shark Media engaged in an alliance to be part of Microsoft’s Selective Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

Many small business owners have given thousands of testimonials on how White Shark Media has benefited them. For example, a client from Software in Minnesota stated that White Shark Media is the AdWords they have always wanted. From New Jersey, a client at a jewelry store said that White Shark media is up to date regarding knowledge and a transportation service client from California recommends White Shark media to anyone looking to advertise.

Many testimonials are received from clients in different types of companies whose sales have improved because of White Shark Media’s fantastic advertising tactics. White Shark Media is passionate about helping businesses market their products with their high-end digital services. Many companies have achieved their success courtesy of White Shark Media.