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Healthy Never Tasted Sweeter With Markus Rothkranz

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Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, there is always one thing everyone craves and that’s chocolate. Two of the most desirable desserts are chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate peanut butter cups. Health guru and motivational speaker, Markus Rothkranz, demonstrates a healthier option for the desserts we love. Markus begins by making homemade silky smooth chocolate using Cacao powder (Nativas brand), carob powder, maple syrup, cashew butter (Artisana brand), alcohol free vanilla, and coconut oil. He uses the maple syrup as the sweetner for the chocolate which, as he points out, is good for diabetics as long as you don’t go crazy with it. He also suggests to cut back on the maple syrup if you’re not a big sweet eater.

When beginning to mix the ingredients, he starts by sifting the cacao powder and the carob powder to get rid of the lumps. He mixes the rest of the ingredients in and the results are amazing. It’s difficult to tell the difference between the vegan chocolate and regular chocolate. It’s absolutely stunning.
Next Markus takes a bowl of strawberries and dips a few into the chocolate to make chocolate covered strawberries. He gives an interesting tip which I’m sure is a surprise to most, but if you’re not able to purchase organic strawberries, Markus suggests soaking the strawberries in a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide to help purify its healthy attributes but he warns, make sure they soak for only a minute or else the peroxide will cause the red to be stripped off.

He rolls a small piece of marzipan into a ball and then flattens it a bit before placing it on top of the chocolate. Markus also does a small sample of a peanut butter cup but with a marzipan center. The desserts look delicious. For more on this recipe, you can view the video at
Enjoy and bon appetit!