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How To Effectively Destroy A Walled City Or A Fortress With A Trabuco

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Medieval generals had to figure out the best way to defeat their enemies. One of the toughest challenges they encountered on the battlefield, was trying to overtake a walled city or an impregnable stronghold. A general had to have patience and a lot of man power to overtake these two positions. However, if they had certain types of war machines and siege weapons at their disposal, they would drastically improve their chances of success.


Armies that had a Trabuco, usually associated with the French’s Trebuchet, in their arsenal would use it to hurl large stones or other types of objects into enemy walls. They also fired objects directly at the people. Some generals would shoot darts, metal shards and even fiery pitch onto the enemy’s heads.


Meaning “sling” the Trabuco went through three stages of development. Invented in China one source states that the Tensile Trabuco wasn’t mentioned in Chinese records until the Thirteenth Century. Another source claims that the Wujing Zongyao a record of Chinese Military affairs written in the 1040’s mentions a Trabuco that required a crew of 250 to launch a 140 lb. missile. Produced in different sizes the smallest of Trabucos required a two-man crew.


There were teams of men who operated the Trabuco. These soldiers were siege engineers and artillery personnel. They would transport, set up, operate and breakdown a Trabuco. They knew exactly where to fire huge stones and how to consistently badger the enemy. Generals would consistently attack a fortress wall in the same spot.


One of the best things about the Trabuco was its ability to fire rounds from a distance. The long-range attack methods that could be employed by the Trabuco helped to save lives. They could easily defeat enemy soldiers or cause them to quickly surrender.


The Trabuco was an intimidating weapon on the battlefield. It is a known fact that many lesser equipped armies feared for their lives when they saw this weapon in action.


A smart general knew how to effectively attack enemy positions with the Trabuco. One effective strategy was to block off the roads and exist points of an enemy’s position. This way they could starve or cut off the supplies of the people they were trying to conquer. A good general would have also known how to simultaneously use an artillery attack while using their foot soldiers to infiltrate from another direction. Go To This Page for additional information.


Knowing how to effectively assault an enemy force or position with a Trabuco was an important part of being a good military leader. A Trabuco was often necessary for generals who wanted to gain victory. They could destroy enemy walls, buildings, troops and forces and ultimately win the war.


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