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Bruce Bent II’s Idea of Achieving through Simplicity other than Intellectuality

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Bruce Bent II, an industrious entrepreneur, and the vice chairman and president of Double Rock Corporation is mostly recognized for his creation of the best short-term asset management and cash related solutions for banks, retailers, qualified plans, and broker-dealers. His company is a financial technology corporation that deals with the provision of industry’s most innovative cash management solutions.

Bruce Bent II Leadership Capabilities

In addition to his leadership as Double Rock Corporation, his leadership skills have seen him serve as a senior executive of all six wholly owned subsidiaries of his company. These firms, which are highly recognized for their contribution in innovations for their respective markets include Island Intellectual Property LLC and Access Control Advantage LLC.

For 17 years, he has actively shown his managerial skills by acting as the CEO and manager of The Reserve. The company deals with mutual market funds and cash management business of FDIC. During his reign in the company, he oversaw the orderly liquidation and sale of the firm’s subsidiaries and affiliates during the 2008 financial crisis. Before the crisis, Bent had led the firm to become one of the world’s largest privately owned money market institution and the second largest money market fund.

Bent’s Key to Succeed

Bent is a strong believer of team work and believes that it takes one person to come up with an idea but a team to bring it to life. For this reason, he believes in moving and interacting a lot with people other than staying glued behind the desk all day. His team includes plain smart people who keep things simple rather than being intellectual. At times some of his team members may never even realize they are on the team.

Double Rock Corporation

Double Rock Corporation was started back in 1970 by Bruce Bent II’s father and his then partner. The company was started with the aim of inventing the first money market mutual fund. Over the years, the company has grown to become a trillion dollar company. Unlike many other multi-dollar companies, Double Rock Corporation ensures that billions of its interest go to the pockets of average Americans instead of ending up in banks. Also, the company has over 60 patents offering various financial services.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Introduces Clinical Pathways

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 by Richard J. Stephenson. The first hospital to open was Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Midwestern Regional Medical Center in Illinois. Other locations include Tulsa, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Goodyear, Arizona, and Newnan, Georgia. Its headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida and consists of five hospitals that treat cancer patients. They offer various services including surgical procedures, radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy. They also offer integral services for side effects such as depression, anxiety, pain, nausea, and fatigue.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been recognized for high levels of overall patient satisfaction and has received various awards. This is mostly due to their highly personalized approach to care and dedication to each individual patient. They have state of the art technologies and their supportive therapies are evidence-based. This approach allows each patient to have various options to chose from. Their experienced staff is very knowledgeable and informed especially because cancer treatment is the sole focus of the hospital. The staff realizes that no two cases are the same and this is why people benefit so much from personalized care.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has recently partnered with two organizations, Allscripts and NantHealth in order to create Clinical Pathways. Clinical Pathways is a new oncology treatment plan. Essentially, this platform will allow Eviti (a clinical decision-making support service) access to Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record. This method will comprise various treatment options so that patients can review them. It provides treatment methods, comparisons, access to guidelines, a list of negative side effects, and clinical data.

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NuoDB: Taking The Database Computing Throne

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In the overcrowded database technology niche, one name stands out – NuoDB. Conspicuous in a rather populated industry, NuoDB has fascinated technology hobbyists with its unique ability to morph according to user’s needs. As a matter of fact, its patent identifies it as an “elastically scalable database.” This magnum opus of software was developed by Jim Starkey, in collaboration with Barry Morris.

Though it has existed for only nine years, NuoDB has taken the computing world by storm. On two separate occasions, the program has been featured in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant list. The acknowledgments do not end here, as the prestigious Boston Business Journal bestowed NuoDB with the honor of being the leading innovation institution in 2014. This prosperity is a major pulling factor for investors, who have since pumped approximately $60 million towards the development of the business.

NuoDB employs flexible mechanisms in their SQL-based databases, meaning they can be adjusted without the need for additional hardware. The use of this technology further ensures lightning processing speeds, an advantage that suits the clients. To cap it all, the most outstanding merit of using NuoDB is its scalability, where servers can be added without overwhelming the computer system.

To keep with evolving trends, developers regularly release updates. This guarantees compatibility with latest technologies as well as upholding information security.

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The Passionate Entrepreneur, Rona Borre
The Passionate Entrepreneur, Rona Borre

Rona Borre, CEO and founder of Instant Alliance, she is been on the leading female entrepreneurs in Chicago land. Instant Alliance that was formerly largely known as Instant Technology was founded in the year 2001 and since then the company has experienced and upward growth production.


Being a woman with great personality despite all odds she has been given leadership posts in three of Chicago community organizations this are Economic Club of Chicago, Chicago Network and the Young presidents of the organization.


Rona has established herself human capital industry this has caught the media’s attention and she has been on the limelight of the media of late by the following media’s CNBC,CBS 2 Chicago ,USA today Crains’s Chicago and CNN. This has not only seen her gain the public popularity but also she has been honored as the National Association of Business Owners and Business Ledger as an influential woman in business.  Click on


‘‘Hard work pays’’ she has been appreciated by the enterprising women magazine as the enterprising woman of the year this is an attribution to the many awards to her agency.  See


Rona Borre had passion and worked on what she loved most having obtained he BS fro the University of Arizona in Business.

Eric Pulier & How He Changed The game (Via) Technology

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Technology plays a huge role in many people’s lives on a daily basis no matter the industry. Some of the popular products on the market today are full of innovation, which makes them much more appealing. It’s safe to finally say that technology is definitely running the world and there is one guy who has used technology to better man-kind. Eric Pulier is this guy and he’s done some amazing things especially when it comes down to business. His background starts with having a love for innovation from an early age. In just the fourth grade pulier programmed his very first computer and by high school he had already founded his first computer database company. His creativity always seem to be on over drive especially when being compared to his kids of his own age.


Eric Pulier attended the prestigious Harvard University where he majored in English/American Literature. During this time in his life he was involved in many projects such s writing a column as well as being an editor for the fames Harvard Crimson Publication. Can’t leave out that Pulier took classes over at neighboring MIT as well. By 1989 he graduated magna cum laude and by 1991 he would move to California to begin his storied career. One of the first things he did when it touched down in the Golden State was start a company. People Doing Things was that company and guest what? It used innovative technology to handle and solve issues in the education and healthcare fields of work. There’s a reason this guy is known as a philanthropist because of how he brings solutions to clear up negative situations.


Pulier developed one of the first private social media networks for chronically ill children. Starbright World was a hit as it connected these special kids with one another and allowed them to share their personal experiences (via) chat, blog, and messaging. This only scratches the surface of what this man has accomplished, but just know that Eric Pulier is a man of many acts thanks to his reputation of being a technologist, entrepreneur, guest speaker, and businessman.

Wengie’s Life Hacks For Lazy People

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Wengie is a very popular YouTuber with about 3 million followers. People across the world follow her channel on a regular basis. Certainly, Wengie is one of the most popular channels on the site. Her numbers keep growing because she has an amazing amount of videos to share with followers on interesting topics that cover beauty, fashion, makeup, products and much more. In this video, Wengie shares her life hacks for lay people. Wengie shares that this latest video on life hacks were inspired by her own real life circumstances.


Hacks For Lazy People

Wengie and her twin start out the video in a confrontation over food. Wengie jumps right in and gives her favorite tips on curing that food craving that might hit you at anytime. Certainly, it would seem easier just to order food in, but Wengie shares a recipe to make a quick meal in about a minute. Wengie also shares a great dessert recipe that is easy to create in about a minute too, with the help of a microwave. These are also great foods to make in the middle of the day, when those food cravings hit you out of the blue. The video includes 12 life hacks for lazy people. Many of the ideas are very practical and easy to follow. However, some of the ideas are just for fun and to cause a chuckle or two. Well, all the ideas are interesting and the video is actually fun to watch.


About Wengie

Wengie is an Australian-Chinese blogger and YouTube star. Wengie has well over 3 million followers on her YouTube channel. Wengie’s channel features videos on hair care, skin care, fashion, beauty, life hacks, DIY, and much more. Wengie invites you to subscribe to her channel to keep up to date on her new videos.