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Securus Technologies Ensuring Contraband Phones Stay Out of Hands of Prisoners

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Even though the correctional world is flooded with new and old companies that are trying to help the sector become more secure and safe for all the stakeholders involved, one of the companies that have been leading the industry for long is Securus Technologies. The products and services of Securus Technologies are widely accepted and admired for its effectiveness, efficiency, and affordability. Whether it is inmate communication services or the investigative services, Securus Technologies has ensured that it gives the best it can to the end users. One of the new technologies it has recently offered to the sector is the wireless containment system.


Using a phone that is not authorized by the correctional agencies inside a prison is strictly prohibited and even punishable by law. The correctional facilities have means of communications with the outside world, and these days inmates can call, video chat, and also send an e-mail to their friends and family members from prison. However, even after so many facilities, it is surprising to find that the use of contraband phones in prison is on rising. The number of contraband phones that were seized from prison facilities in the last couple of quarters has been astonishing. It has become a subject matter of concern and discussion as something needs to be done about it because it potentially puts the lives of many prison officers and even inmates in danger. Many inmates, as well as the prison officials, has been hit and attacked in the past due to the orders were given using the contraband phones.


One such example is of the ex-correctional officer, Robert Johnson, who took around six bullets on his chest and stomach due to being exceptionally well in confiscating contraband packages in prison. It was an ability that interfered with the mischievous plans of the inmates and their extended criminal network outside the prison. Robert Johnson after the shooting incident left his job as a correctional officer and joined Securus Technologies. He used his over fifteen years of correctional experience to design and develop technologies that would override the methodologies used by the inmates to get contraband phones and packages inside the prison.


It is what helped in developing the wireless containment system that would eliminate the extensive use of contraband phones in prisons across the country. The prison officers don’t have to worry about who has the contraband phones and who is using it in the jails once the wireless containment system is activated. It is because this technology would completely block out the commercial networks from being connected to the contraband phones. Thus, the contraband phones would be ineffective in making or receiving calls. The wireless containment system is still in its initial stages of development but has performed successfully in its test run so far in the eight correctional facilities where it was tested.



Latest Products and Services by Securus Technologies

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The technology company Securus Technologies is a top provider or technology-based security solutions. Launched in 1986 the company has worked its way up by providing innovative security solutions and is today offering their services to a large number of criminal justice agencies such as prisons and other correction facilities. Securus Technologies is run by Richard “Rick” A. Smith, who is operating as the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) from the company headquartered in Dallas, Texas.


The effort of Securus Technologies Inc. is directed in a variety of directions. The company is working towards establishing a better state for inmate welfare, creating needed solutions on time, and providing businesses and large homeowners with the security tech solutions that they need.


Evidently, Securus Technologies Inc. is keeping up well with its varied responsibilities as the current and former clients of the international corporation have been speaking highly of the business and the quality of service they have received. Securus Technologies Inc. provides security tech solutions to businesses of all and medium proportions. That includes security cameras, phone security, as well as software, among others.


Over the past couple of years, Securus Technologies Inc. has been able to provide hundreds of small and medium business owners with such solutions, helping them make their businesses a safer venture. With that, business owners have been able to enforce more strict regulations and monitoring on the grounds of their companies. As a result, they have caught corrupted staff members stealing from the business or conducting unlawful deed on the grounds of the company.


Securus Technologies Inc. has been coming out with a number of new products. The latest one of them is their wireless containment system that made its debut on the market late last year. The company of Securus Technologies Inc. had observed that the cases of inmates going online had increased exponentially. Using contraband cell phones, inmates have been logging onto medial social platforms and doing live streams from within the prisons. That is forbidden. Worse yet, many of the cases have been on violent topics which made it all the more necessary to curb the occurrences.


Prior to that, Securus Technologies Inc. acquired the global company JPay, Inc. The two worked on a digital platform for prisons and for the inmates to use. The platform combines a variety of services such as digitized payment, availability to communicate with friends and family on the outside, as well as to access tools for entertainment an education. The project was apart of the efforts of Securus Technologies Inc. to increase the inmate welfare in the prisons in the United States of America.


Another project was the lower charge that Securus Technologies Inc. asked of their clients. The reduced the prices of the video visitations and calls.



Securus May Have Saved My Son’s Life

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Securus Technologies really saved me the other day. My son was incarcerated for a white-collar crime and he is in way over his head. He is not a violent person and I argued really hard that he should be sent to a minimum-security prison. Instead, they sent him across the state to a normal prison.


There are all sorts of gangs inside of the prison and he had to choose which one he belonged to. The gang he chose is getting him into all sorts of trouble. They even started to talk about murdering another inmate. My son was absolutely terrified but he couldn’t tell anyone.


My son and I talk on the phone often. We got lucky because his prison is serviced by Securus Technologies. They are a good company. They charge reasonable rates and their services are incredibly easy to use. I also really like their JPay system. It makes keeping track of your account really easy, too.


He couldn’t tell anyone about his gang’s plan because he’d become a snitch. “Snitches get stitches,” as they say in prison. If he became a snitch, he’d be the target of physical violence himself. And here’s the crazy part — he’d be a target by his own gang and rival gangs.


He would call me all the time with this nervous dilemma. He started to tell me about this coded language that his little gang uses to talk about crime so that prison guards don’t catch on. I went to the prison guards with some of this coded language.


They put it into this software system that scanned all phone calls for the phrase. They pulled up all these recorded phone calls with his gang members planning a murder. The guards were able to stop the violence and my son avoided being a snitch.


Securus Technologies, Making Communication Accessible and Affordable

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Securus Technologies is a company that connects inmates with their families. The company has been around since 1986 and is based in Dallas, Texas. In recent years, Securus has made technology more affordable, so inmates and their families are able to connect at affordable prices. Securus has also decided to invest over 600 million in new technology to make the service even more affordable and accessible to customers. The company serves over 2,200 correctional facilities in North America. There are satellite offices across the US. The primary and most popular service is phone calls, however, Securus Technologies also offers services like money transfer, video chat, and voicemail. The company website gives full details on the products and services offered.


Securus Technologies has also taken on an initiative to be transparent in their pricing. This has been appreciated by customers who are able to more affordably connect with their loved ones while away. There are many different alternatives for those working with a budget such as prepaid calling, which allows a preset amount for calling. This is a good option for those who need to stay within a budget and don’t want unpleasant surprises on their phone bills, which has been an issue in the past with many inmate communications companies.


A recent article published by PR Newswire indicates that both the families and employees of the corrections facilities are grateful for the service. As Securus Technologies provides monitoring of the calls, many issues and crimes have been solved as a result of this information. Everything from contraband to discovery information has been recovered by the monitoring. This resolves many issues with things like drug sales and violence in the facilities. As Securus Technologies develops new technology, perhaps new advances will continue to assist in the criminal justice system.




In The Eyes of Rick Smith

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Rick Smith is a man with a vision. Currently residing in Dallas, Texas, Richard Smith has been able to create a prison communication company that serves areas like Allen, Atlanta, Georgia, Texas, as well as Carrollton. Using the latest innovations, Rick has been able to come up with the robust Securus Technologies, a corporation that has made it possible for inmates to communicate with the outside world. It is because of Rick’s precious mind that Securus has also been able to monitor prison calls thus fostering homeland security. Securus Technologies came into being back in 1986, and since then, it has been able to transform prison communication. It is in 2008 that Rick took the mantle of CEO and had used his knowledge and influence to build the Securus brand. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

So far, Rick Smith has employed close to a thousand people to help run the company’s operations. Besides, Smith has also secured contracts with more than two thousand correctional facilities in the United States of America. Before arriving at Securus Technologies, Richard Smith used to work for institutions like Eschelon Telecom Inc. and Global Crossing North America. Apart from being the current CEO of Securus Technologies, Mr. Smith also happens to be a board member Integra Telecom Co Ltd and Eschelon Telecom Inc. Rick has an MBA from the University of Rochester, and a B.A. in Engineering from the State University of New York. He also has an M.A. in Engineering from the State University of New York, and an Associate’s Degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. As a result, Rick Smith has acquired all the relevant skills needed to operate his telecommunication business successfully.

Under his leadership, he has ensured that Securus keeps on changing its communication technology so as to reduce chances of the institution getting hacked. In so doing, Securus Technologies has been able to gain access to communications that pinpoint criminal activities and has thus given law enforcement agencies enough evidence to apprehend and prosecute offenders. Corrupt prison officials have also found themselves on the wrong side of the law since they are known to create conditions that encourage illegal trade of drugs and firearms within prison systems. In so doing, Securus Technologies under the guidance of Richard Smith has been able to protect innocent civilians from serious harm. As of 2016, Securus Technologies had spent more than six hundred million dollars on prison communication technology. Thus, Richard Smith has been able to create a communication company that is unmatched by any other corporation in the United States of America and the world as a whole. With Securus Technologies having been able to adopt and adapt to new technology on a regular basis, it has become an institution that may impact prison systems in America and a corporation that people can trust. Read more on

Securus Technologies – Offering Highly Advanced Prison Communication and Crime Prevention Technology

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Securus Technologies is a company that is built on research, innovation, and the trust of its customers and investors. The company has been making groundbreaking progress in the past few years in the category of inmate communication and crime prevention and is offering a host of products and services to the inmates as well as the law enforcement agencies.



Securus Technologies, through its rapid advancement in the field of inmate communications and correctional technology, has been able to get over 600 patents to its name and continues to launch at least one new service every other week. It has helped in modernizing the incarceration experience and allows the prisoners to stay in contact with their loved ones, which is crucial for them to alleviate the stress that builds up.



Securus Technologies currently reaches out to over 1,200,000 prisoners and serves over 3,450 agencies. The company also recently won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service training team, which goes on to show the commitment of the company towards it customers. In a press release the company issued recently, the company has showcased the comments from the letters of the law enforcement officials it continues to get on a regular basis.



In the comments, the law enforcement officials have described how the services offered by law enforcement officials make it much easier for them to catch the offenders and bring the culprit to justice. It also helps the law enforcement officials to get the evidence they need to convict the criminals in the court of justice. The company also took the press release as an opportunity to invite all the existing and potential customers and investors to visit its Technology Center in Dallas.



As a law enforcement official myself, I have used the products and services of Securus and can say for sure that it’s highly advanced. It helps in ways more than one to keep communities safer and prevent crime.


Fantastic Customers With Securus Technologies

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Securus Technologies is the leader of the public safety industry, and they are interested in the safety of everyone. They are constantly creating new technologies to make that happen, and when their customers, the correction facilities needed some help, they rolled out the Video Visitations technology. This technology allows the inmates to correspond with loved ones creating a calmer environment, and this, the customers say has done wonders for their facilities.


The company wants their customers and the public to understand what they are creating now. They are inviting them down to their Dallas, TX location to show them around, give them a tour and presentation so that they can see what these technologies will do, and how important they are to the safety of the people.


Securus Technologies is a great company that wants to make sure the public is safe. They are creating more technologies, weekly that can assist in helping to solve and prevent crimes. They also work with both the civil and criminal sides of the justice system. Since the government is very interested in having them do work for them, they contract them on a regular basis. They are also proficient at dealing with over a million prisoners every year, and they use techniques like videos, investigations and interviews. They want to make the world a safer place, and they are always ready to take on a mission that they are called upon to do. The public will hear a lot more about them in the future because they are the leader in the public safety field.

Discover How To Talk More And Pay Less

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Securus Technologies are a team of professionals that have expanded to a global network. Certification 1 is the approval of an international network for thousands of new customers. On the home front Securus Technologies provides their customers with real time calling features. Stay home and talk to your loved ones all you want with many advanced features. Securus Technologies has superior technology unmatched by their competitors. They are responsible for a recent clarification that improved the accuracy of Global Tel-Link. Their fourth-quarter audit made it possible for inmates to get free calls to their loved ones in Louisiana.


Securus puts the safety of their customers first with government regulated inmate call monitoring and surveillance. Your calls are maintained with the highest level of customer service satisfaction. Inmates have access to their own personalized calling features and their loved ones limit their commute. There are a number of resources that can help inmates and their loved ones stay connected. Go with the inmate calling network that thousands of people across the globe can depend on. Securus Technologies is a name that is leading the competition. Watch more on


Inmate Calling Features


Voicemail Options


 Voicemail options are now available to inmates through their personalized service options. Best of all, these features are available from the facility by getting an access code from your commissary. This features helps inmates transition for life outside of a correctional facility.


Advanced Pay


You can get these minutes by ordering calling credits from the Securus Technologies website. Securus invites you to their easy to read and navigate website for more programs, services, and promotional offers to keep you connected to your loved ones.