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Trabuco: From Traction To Balancing

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Battle long was much different than it is now. The weapons that they used were not as advanced as the ones that are available now, but they were innovative and creative in their time. A popular siege weapon used in the Middle Ages was called a Trabuco. They were originated in China about 300 years ago, but the Europeans used it against their opponents during the Crusades. A Trabuco was used to destroy masonry walls and fire missiles at the enemy. The Trabuco is huge. The size of the Trabuco allowed it to throw large stones at the enemy’s masonry walls.

The Trabuco is different from the traditional catapults. A catapult is a machine that uses energy to throw an object in the desired direction. Trabuco was preferred over average catapult because they did not require a lot of strenuous maintenance and manufacturing them wasn’t difficult. They also allowed the armies to launch heavier missiles great distances. Catapults only allowed smaller, weaker weapons to achieve great lengths.

Some people have referred to the Trabuco as a balancing Trabuco. Referring to the Trabuco as a balancing Trabuco stopped people from mistaking it for the traction Trabuco. The traction Trabuco was created long before the balancing Trabuco. The traction Trabuco required a large number of people to operate the machine manually. According to, Wu Jing Yao de Zong had 250 people trying to manage the device. The projectile they were trying to hurl was a 140-pound stone that would be thrown at 80 meters. Many people during this time opted not to use this big machine due to the trouble they would go through trying to operate the device successfully on

Arab merchants were looking sell the traction Trabuco, but they knew it needed a new design to catch people’s attention. The Arabs altered the traction Trabuco, and the balancing Trabuco was purchased by Europeans that felt this improved machine would be useful in battle according to By the 13th century, the balancing Trabuco was throwing stones that weighed more than a ton farther than had gone ever before. Gunpowder has since replaced the Trabuco.

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