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Cone Marshall firm brings trust to Trusts

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The notion of assets held in an overseas Trust conjures up all sorts of images in the mind of the casual listener: car chases in exotic locales, briefcases full of diamonds, and shady characters known only by pseudonyms speaking in code about “assets” to be kept from “unwanted attention”. The reality of overseas Trusts, particularly New Zealand Trusts, is actually far better represented by a lengthy spiel about estate planning and ownership legalities, which in turn appeals less to the casual listener and more toward the financially savvy. The financially savvy would be well served to turn to the experts at Cone Marshall ltd for their information on setting up Trusts.

Cone Marshall ltd is a New Zealand based Law Firm owned by partners Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. Rather than dealing with some shady fixer in a tax haven prospective clients will be pleased to find that their trust can be held by Karen Marshall, a University of Otago grad with over a decade of experience at Cone Marshall alone.

With prior experience as an advisor to several companies that manage Trusts on behalf of companies and deal with liability, she also has a history of going after those who mismanaged Trusts and dealt in bad faith with Trustees.

Cone Marshall’s position in New Zealand is ideal for the Trustee in many ways. Its banking system is highly transparent, and it holds its trust companies to a high legal standard. The system in place in New Zealand is highly conducive to outside finance without being some sort of tax haven. In an international environment recently rocked by scandal regarding offshore accounts in several countries the opportunity to do business in a country’s financial system that doesn’t inspire suspicion is the best move that a prospective Trustee can make. There is no one better to trust with your Trust than the good people at Cone Marshall. No briefcase, pseudonyms, or car chase required.