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Learn The Morning Routine Of Doe Deere

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Doe Deere is a beauty queen and the founder of Lime Crime. Her career started when she was just a young girl selling temporary tattoos to her classmates at school. She moved from Russia to New York City when she was just 17 years old to pursue a music career. She gained experience in the business world and met her husband Mark during this time.


In 2008, Lime Crime was launched to the world. Doe was inspired to create the brand after she had trouble finding cosmetics in unique shades. She enjoys using fun shades to showcase her personality, and she is known for creating products that allow her fans to express themselves.


She may be a successful businesswoman in Los Angeles, but she has a morning routine like everyone else. Doe Deere recently sat down to walk her fans through her morning routine.


Doe is a morning person who enjoys waking up every day at 8:30 a.m., which she does naturally rather than with an alarm clock. There is something about her morning routine that motivates her to start the day.


The first thing she does is drink a full glass of water, which keeps her hydrated in such a dry climate. It also gives her the energy she needs to move through her routine. She then competes several stretching exercises before having a light breakfast. Doe enjoys a breakfast of grits, fruit, yogurt and orange juice. Grits are her favorite breakfast food, and the juice is freshly squeezed from her own orange tree.


Once she is finished with her breakfast, she uses her phone to see what is going on in the world. She enjoys checking Instagram for the latest news and trends in the beauty scene. This allows her to draw inspiration for her own products. She also talks to her Lime Crime team through email and live chat.


The rest of her day consists of her beauty routine, snuggling with her cats and meetings at the office. It may seem like a busy day to others, but this is business as usual for Doe Deere.


Lime Crime is known for creating lip, eye and skin products in vibrant shades. Their goal is to create products that fit any personality, from bright and cheerful to dark and mysterious. Doe Deere and her team work every day to ensure the products are just right for their fans. Learn more:

Julie Zuckerberg : The Talent Industry Hero

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Every time I read a Julie Zuckerberg, I am challenged to put more effort and have even bigger career goals. Not to mean that she is in my industry, but there is so much inspiration to get from her career life. For starters, Julie Zuckerberg is an established career woman. She is doing so well in the talent recruitment that she makes among the top-sought executive recruiters. But, she did not start at the top. Julie used to be a regular who was ready to start at the bottom and give her job her all in order for her to stand out.


Her career journey began when she decided to join Brooklyn College, New York and pursue Philosophy. She then went to the New York University Law School to pursue a course. With the knowledge gained, she decided that she wanted to settle in an industry that helps other companies achieve success, through recruitment of highly-talented personnel. So, she took a job in the talent recruitment industry.


Career Beginning at Hudson

Julie’s first talent recruitment job was in Hudson, where she was to work for five years, that is 2002-2007. At Hudson, she worked as the recruitment director. She would oversee the recruitment of various types of personnel for different departments in different firms. However, her specialization majorly lay in the recruitment of paralegals and lawyers for law firms and accounting and auditing personnel for various banking and financial companies. If you had conflict with your employees, Julie Zuckerberg was just the person to consult.


Joining Citi

When Julie left Hudson, she joined Citi Global Consumer Bank where she worked for four years. She worked for Citi as the executive recruiter. At first, she was enlisted with the role of recruiting talent for the auditing, legal and compliance functions. With time, she was promoted and would recruit managing directors and directors for the company.


Working for New York Life Insurance

The year 2011 saw Julie leave Citi. She was tapped into New York Life Insurance Company in the year 2013. She worked there for a few months before moving to the Deutsche Bank. She oversaw every other activity within this New York Life. While work here, she formed her own team of project managers and recruiters. Using innovative strategies, she managed her team so that all projects were carried out efficiently and in a timely manner. She also saw to it that the recruiters were mentored to be conversant with all the recruitment strategies required for successful placements.


Career Life at Deutsche bank

A year after leaving New York Life Insurance, she joined the Deutsche bank where she has been working up to date. Her recruitment strategies have been instrumental in changing the face of recruitments in various industries. At Deutsche, she has had the opportunity to work with senior business managers. She manages a team of highly-skilled and motivated recruiters, whom she gives direction on new recruitment strategies. She is also involved in negotiating contracts.

Helane Morrison Works Hard And Climbs High

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There are many people that work jobs. However, the types of people who work hard and climb high are very few. For one thing, there are a lot of people that want to get promoted. The only thing is it takes a lot of work, humility, and love for the job in order to rise into higher positions. This is something that Helane Morrison has shown working at SEC. She has not only worked hard, but she has done the research and shown herself to be very passionate about the work she is doing for her career. She sees the purpose behind what she is doing which is making sure that the corporations are acting ethically.


As a director of SEC, she has kept the traders on their toes in order to make sure that they are following the established rules. One thing that she understands is that the rules are not just rules. They are put in place in order to protect both the corporation and the consumer. When things are working in a smooth fashion between the consumer and the corporation, then both parties are likely to be satisfied, and there will be a small likelihood of problems down the line.


Helane Morrison is someone who works very hard to keep the peace between two parties. She is also very passionate about protecting the rights of the consumer. When consumers are treated fairly, then they are more likely to want to return to the company they did business with. A business that regularly practices dishonest and unethical activities are going to make every institution look bad and as a result, lose clients. Helane Morrison wants to keep the industry strong for the corporations. She does not want people to leave these institutions. This is one of the reasons that Helane Morrison is hard at work in what she does as a compliance officer.

Outstanding Female Leader Fights Forward Despite Corruption

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While international law makes a theoretical promise to enforce human rights across any veil, somehow progress for woman has taken a step back. Disillusioned demagogues spit slander at a time of unforeseen impact as citizens around the communications sphere wonder how worldwide political discourse could have come to its current climate. Consequently, in a world in which the oppression of woman is institutionalized, it is no wonder that a bold and independent entrepreneur like Malini Saba has felt the string of injustice.

Even though Saba has donated to various global causes, including over 300k to earthquake relief to Equador, and has watched as her efforts have blossomed into multi-millionaire status, the oppressors of the world wish to diminish and capitalize from her achievements. Facing constant roadblocks from corrupt officials passing off detrimental, falsified permits to accusations from a biased media that is under the firm financial grasp of specific interests. Malini Saba has still managed to thrive, taking many of her firms, including Saban Capital, to epic heights.

What separates Saba from conventional business titans is her immense willpower and grit. Unlike those that had every advantage handed to them, Saba fought against all odds in Sri Lanka to succeed against the current. Coming from humble origins, Saba understands what it’s like to not be part of the conventional investors club, yet has still managed to spread her interests worldwide. Through powerful female leadership and the facilitation skills she garnered from international education, Saba manages a large percentage of her assets in Asian energy commodities, as well as America’s tech sector and the Australian real estate industry.

Malini loves to go out into the field, breaking boundaries by interacting with the workers whom she holds so dear, in the environment in which they actually work. It is this innate, direct interaction that enhances Malini’s understanding and prowess in her investments. Understanding common people has driven Saba’s incredible philanthropic contributions to causes like the “Stree: Global Investments in Woman Organization”, that ensure the woman and children of the world are not left unsupported and forgotten.

Saba advocates for the weak because she understands the inherent social duty that follows with fiscal prowess.