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How Coworking Spaces Have Taken Off in New York

Published / by CapaConf


Coworking spaces are making going to work into something a little less stressful and more enjoyable. Changing the workplace environment may sound like something rather radical, or even something that would appeal mostly to millennials, but actually traditional corporate businesses are starting to see the benefits to these spaces as well. Coworking spaces are basically the middle ground between going to an office or cubicle every day, versus staying at home to work. Working at a coworking space gives remote workers and self-employed workers the same independence they would have working from home, but without feeling isolated from friends and the social life of the workplace. At the same time traditional workers who relocate to coworking spaces don’t have to worry about pushy supervisors and the grind of their old office spaces.


Coworking spaces not only provide more relaxed atmospheres to working, but the opportunity to rub shoulders with others who share common visions, goals, and who could offer insights to their peers. Chances are also pretty good that someone could get hired for the day if their current job is going slow, or if they’re in between work assignments. It’s even more possible that partnerships, mergers, and building a bigger clientele could also happen at a coworking space. But if someone needs a break here and there from work, they can go on vacation or work from home for the day if they need a sick day. Usually coworking spaces are rented on a month-to-month basis and don’t require signing up for a strict lease.


Workville is a coworking space in NYC that’s become popular. Not only is Workville popular because of its centralized location in Manhattan, but also because of the diverse choices that it offers. Rental options range from open lounge space in the public areas, to private offices with landlines when needed, and an optional dedicated desk for an extra fee. Occupants also get access to high quality Wi-Fi, office equipment such as printers, fax machines and even coffee makers, and also mail service and office cleaning. More about Workville and what they offer, as well as scheduling tours of the facility can be found at