Class Dojo Fostering A Positive Relationship Between Teachers And Parents

Class Dojo is an online tool that helps foster communication positively between the teacher and parent. The purpose of Class Dojo is to keep parents up-to-date on their children’s progress and classroom conduct. Teachers love Class Dojo because they believe it strengthens the lines of communication between home and school. You can use Class Dojo on any computer, smartphone or tablet. Teachers can use the program on interactive projectors and whiteboards.

There are several helpful tools on the Class Dojo website. They can provide ‘cheat sheets’ for parents to learn how the program works. It can create back-to-school night presentations, video tutorials for teachers and letters to parents.

How It Works?

A teacher can set up their class profile directly on the Class Dojo website. The profile is largely based on the grade level. Teachers then create only positive class values for example:

* Staying on task

* Being helpful

* Participation

* Working hard

* Perseverance

* Teamwork

While the Class Dojo goal is to remain positive, parents still need to be aware of poor behavior. Class Dojo will give a teacher the option to add class values:

* Being unprepared

* Off task

* Missing homework

* Being disrespectful

* Talking out of turn

The class value options are purely customizable and can be chosen based on the classroom and their goals. Students receive their Dojo points based on their positive behavior. If they display any of the negative class values, then points will be taken away. Once your teacher has your email address, he/she can email you an invitation with an access code to access your child’s Dojo student profile.

For Parents

As a parent, you can easily access Class Dojo through the company’s website and it is compatible with Android and iOS. You can view information for multiple children across multiple classrooms all in one place. Your child’s behavior is broken down on a circle graph making it easy for you to assess how well/poor they are doing in class on average. Parents are able to access the Messages, Notifications and Class Story section on the app. Class Dojo is 100% free to teachers and parents.

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