David McDonald Looks Overseas for OSI Growth

David McDonald has his work cut out for him with the new goal of making OSI Industries sustainable. He believes that we have gone too far with the current way of doing things and we need to find a way that will cause less of an impact on our environment. A company with more than a century of business experience is going to need to do something to change things. He’s had experience with harder challenges in the past and he wants to do what he can to give OSI Industries the advantage it is going to need down the road.

OSI started out as a family deli and it wasn’t expected to be much more. The scaling up towards what it is now was a long process and it required some great thinking. David McDonald came into the picture when OSI was looking to expand into overseas territory and needed someone who understood how to reach these foreign markets. His expertise has helped create the company that we know today and everything that it represents. Nobody has gotten as far as he has and nobody has made as much profit for OSI in its recent years, but he has plans to do much more.

The best example of his success is the recent purchase of Baho Food. This company serves key parts of Germany and the Netherlands where the company seeks to expand. With the help of this new asset OSI is going to reach a level it has never seen before. It’s going to allow the company to spread its influence into areas where fast food has long been enjoyed with an efficiency that others can’t compete with. They are known as the largest producer of protein in the world because they have helped give people around the world meat easily.

The true test of a company is how it manages to change itself over the course of years as new technology and trends take over. McDonald has managed to do what he has done because he’s focused on what will be best for OSI in the long run rather than what might return a fast profit. It’s part of why this company has continued to stay on top as the most successful food processor in the world. It’s the reason that the brand is still so popular and growing years after its initial entry into the world.