Dr. Johanan Rand Develops an Effective Diet Plan for His Patients

Dr. Johanan Rand is a Bioidentical Hormone Specialist, and he developed a diet plan to help his patients to meet their weight loss goals. This diet plan, also known as the HCG diet, utilizes a hormone produced by pregnant women to help patients lower their daily calorie intake without feeling like they are starving.

This makes it much easier for his patients to stick to the diet plan and get rid of stubborn pounds. The HCG diet is a safe alternative to many “fad” diets and offers many benefits. The hormone used in his diet plan can prevent degenerative muscle deterioration and is ideal for anyone wanting to see results faster.

Dr. Johanan Rand understands the many challenges that his patients face when trying to get their diet and weight goals under control and his diet plan is a tool that they can use to get back on track (http://www.didyouknow.it/business/dr-dov-rand-genius/). The rapid weight loss that the plan encourages helps his patients to stay motivated and makes the plan much easier to stick with over gradual results that a more traditional diet and exercise plan have to offer.

He also helps his patients to relearn their eating habits, basically replacing the “bad” habits with healthier ones, and essentially resetting their metabolism. When a patient develops better eating habits, they will also gain improved health. Dr. Johanan Rand also incorporates IV Nutrient Therapy into the regimen that his patients follow (Weeklyopinion). This is an important component that helps promote improves health as well as higher levels of wellness.

Patients at the Healthy Aging Medical Center may undergo a series of tests that will determine the quality of their health and can even identify certain health risks such as heart disease, cancer, or obesity. IV vitamin treatments may be necessary to treat any allergies to food or mineral or vitamin deficiencies.

Dr. Johanan Rand developed the HCG program to help his patients achieve their goals without having to suffer, and it’s been known to be very effective. His patients obtain better health and find they have more energy and overall a better quality of life.