How Ressler and Goldenberg Captured the Hearts of Women

If you were to look at Ressler and Goldenberg as the leaders in fashion you would find that they absolutely are more than capable to continue building the brands that they have been working with for some time. When Fabletics was born, the brand was more than new, it was exciting and it was now being released for women of all sizes and from all backgrounds. The key here was to learn more about how to bring the world of fashion up close and personal for women and make it easier for them. The ability to purchase just what they wanted was now feasible, and no women were excluded from the marketplace.


The best part of this brand? The leggings, and all other active-wear was made to be easier to move in while being attractive. Ads were now being created with women from all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes as well. Moving to a membership platform would allow women to become VIP’s, and get access to great deals faster, along with great prices. Additionally, a part of the VIP membership program allows customers to set their preferences. This means that women can sign up and begin browsing to find what they like. Once those preferences are set women will have the ability to look at what only they like based upon the profile they have chosen.


Bringing Kate Hudson on board, these two men were able to get an inside look at the fashion industry and learn more about what women want out of their brand. The overall goal wasn’t just about giving women a great place to find deals and purchase clothing they liked, but it was to instill confidence in women as well as help them feel attractive in everything they shopped for. Kate Hudson has a passion for living a healthier lifestyle and she wants to inspire other women to pursue the same.


The launch of this brand was online only, but now there are storefronts popping up around the country. The membership brand was well over 1 million customers and counting in 2013, and the brand continues to explode with the new stores. As members get an automatic scan upon entering the store, they can begin their shopping trip as soon as they enter. The members preferences will all apply, and these new stores will offer more opportunity as they continue to offer the same great selection.