Hussain Sajwani Moves Forward With DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is listed as the fourth richest Arab in the entire world. His net worth is believed to be around 4 billion dollars. Hussain is a self-made businessman who began is entrepreneur career as a caterer.

Hussain Sajwani started business with a catering company that eventually landed contracts with the United States military and Betchel. He began with the project after working with Abu Dhabi Gas for only two years. Sajwani earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Washington and immediately went into business for himself. His catering company has grown to international levels and is now known as Global Logistics Services. It still holds many of the same important contracts that it did in its inception.

Hussain Sajwani went on to develop DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties is the leading real estate developer in the middle east region. The company has several high-profile projects to its credit including a golf course that was designed by Tiger Woods. The golf course is managed by the Trump Organization and has helped Sajwani form a strong bond with Donald Trump and his family.

The states that DAMAC Properties has been involved in several other glamorous projects such as the Versace and Fendi Italian houses, as well as the Bugatti styled luxury villas and Suites. DAMAC Properties designed the Paramount Hotel and Resorts.

DAMAC Properties is known for its extravagant projects and promotions. Is has created several different clever marketing schemes in order to sell it’s properties to buyers. The company has developed over 19,000 apartment complexes that feature 44,000 different units.

Hussain and his family look forward to having a continued relationship with the Trump Organization. Sajwani expects to do business with Eric and Donald Trump Jr in the future. President Trump continues to acknowledge Hussain and his family as friends even though they can no longer conduct formal business. Facebook: @HussainSajwaniOfficial

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