Larkin and Lacey: Joe Arpaio Shouldn’t Have Been Pardoned

Ten years ago, Americans witnessed a case that left many people shocked. Two respected journalists were arrested by the Maricopa County officials because of issues that were not known to the public. According to Larkin and Lacey, the county boss felt that there was so much information about him that was being published by a magazine that was owned by the journalists.

Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County sheriff sent his powerful forces to go and arrest the journalists who were in their homes in Phoenix region. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The families of these professionals were shocked because of the incidence, but there was nothing much they could do to make things better. The county sheriff was doing his best to humiliate and silence the journalists so that they do not expose the activities he was engaging in.

When Michael and Jim were in prison, they decided that they were going to fight for their rights and those of other people who were being ignored in the country. The two journalists were already experts in handling similar causes, and they were easily released from prison. The journalists presented their case in court, accusing the Maricopa county for false arrests and detention without the right procedures.

The journalists were quite fortunate this time round. The courts handling the case found the Maricopa County officials guilty of the arrest, and they were ordered to pay Jim and Michael a huge amount of money. The amount received from these county officials was used to start a human rights foundation that has changed lives of many Americans.

Jim and his friend have always been looking forward for the courts to rule in their favor and sent Joe Arpaio to court because of what he was doing when working as a sheriff. However, these journalists will not have their wish granted. Connect with Jim Larkin on LinkedIn

The case was ruled to favour the recently elected president opinion. Donald Trump announced that he was going to pardon Joe Arpaio, allowing him to walk free after committing numerous crimes. The American citizens are also not happy about the decision from Donald Trump. Most of them have watched the county sheriff operate his county with a lot of carelessness.

When Joe Arpaio became the county sheriff, he was highly respected, and people feared him because of the amount of power that surrounded him. This businessman took advantage of the power he was given, and many lives were lost during his tenure. Many people were angry because of these activities, and that is why they did not elect him for another term in office.

The people have been shocked by the decision that has been made by the president. Jim says that Donald Trump and Joe Arpaio are longtime friends who have worked together in the past.

Joe Arpaio was one of the strong supporters of Donald Trump and this is why the president decided that it was paramount to save him a jail term that was ahead of him. The decision has remained a huge disappointment to many people.

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