Latest Products and Services by Securus Technologies

The technology company Securus Technologies is a top provider or technology-based security solutions. Launched in 1986 the company has worked its way up by providing innovative security solutions and is today offering their services to a large number of criminal justice agencies such as prisons and other correction facilities. Securus Technologies is run by Richard “Rick” A. Smith, who is operating as the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) from the company headquartered in Dallas, Texas.


The effort of Securus Technologies Inc. is directed in a variety of directions. The company is working towards establishing a better state for inmate welfare, creating needed solutions on time, and providing businesses and large homeowners with the security tech solutions that they need.


Evidently, Securus Technologies Inc. is keeping up well with its varied responsibilities as the current and former clients of the international corporation have been speaking highly of the business and the quality of service they have received. Securus Technologies Inc. provides security tech solutions to businesses of all and medium proportions. That includes security cameras, phone security, as well as software, among others.


Over the past couple of years, Securus Technologies Inc. has been able to provide hundreds of small and medium business owners with such solutions, helping them make their businesses a safer venture. With that, business owners have been able to enforce more strict regulations and monitoring on the grounds of their companies. As a result, they have caught corrupted staff members stealing from the business or conducting unlawful deed on the grounds of the company.


Securus Technologies Inc. has been coming out with a number of new products. The latest one of them is their wireless containment system that made its debut on the market late last year. The company of Securus Technologies Inc. had observed that the cases of inmates going online had increased exponentially. Using contraband cell phones, inmates have been logging onto medial social platforms and doing live streams from within the prisons. That is forbidden. Worse yet, many of the cases have been on violent topics which made it all the more necessary to curb the occurrences.


Prior to that, Securus Technologies Inc. acquired the global company JPay, Inc. The two worked on a digital platform for prisons and for the inmates to use. The platform combines a variety of services such as digitized payment, availability to communicate with friends and family on the outside, as well as to access tools for entertainment an education. The project was apart of the efforts of Securus Technologies Inc. to increase the inmate welfare in the prisons in the United States of America.


Another project was the lower charge that Securus Technologies Inc. asked of their clients. The reduced the prices of the video visitations and calls.