Michel Terpins as a driver in Brazilian rallying.

Michel Terpins began sports at an early age he had always had a great admiration for his father and his accomplishments in sports and how these accomplishments had led to his success in other areas of his life. His father Jack Terpins or simply Jacko was one of the best basketball players in the country in the early seventies and he enjoyed a superb career that enabled him to take care of his family. After retirement, the president of Brazil would tap him to lead and manage sports in the country a duty he took up and served diligently with the results being a better management of the team and a great improvement in how sporting events were handled in the country.His dedication to them was what served as an inspiration to his sons Rodrigo and Michel Terpins who are today very successful rally drivers.

Michel terpins was also a cross country champion who began his career as rider in his early twenties when he joined the sport as a rookie he was able to grow through hard work and in a few years was flying high and today is one of the highest regarded champions in the sport having left to join rallying at the peak of his career when he was the country’s champion.He was appointed as the chairman of the team that today leads the cross country championship in Brazil.

He has taken part in numerous championships and the Sertões Rally which is a favorite among drivers and fans across Brazil. The Sertões Rally is one of the most challenging in the rally events in the country.It is considered to cover the most diverse terrains in the routes it follows and it is this aspect that has seen the participants considered as some of the best in Brazilian rallying.

Michel Terpins competes using the T-Rex a MEM developed the special vehicle for the T1 prototype category.The Bull Sertões Rally Team #322 will be taking part in the 25th edition of the rally that consists of 1999 special terrain out of the 33000 total distance expected to be covered.The team of Michel and his navigator are sure to be one of the exceptional teams that are expected to perform well.