NuoDB cloud database system number one choice in the tech world

NuoDB is a tech company specializing in cloud databases. The firm was launched in 2008 by current chief executive officer Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey. NuoDB is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. NuoDB products are being used by several corporations including Alfa Systems and UAE Exchange. NuoDB was known as NimbusDB but changed its name in 2011. NuoDB released its software in January 2013. The cloud database was developed by Jim Starkey, who previously worked at Digital Equipment Corp. Jim Starkey is currently a strategic advisor to the cloud database company. In 2014, NuoDB was named as an Innovation All Stars. In 2014, the NuoDB extended its funding led by Dassault Systems.

CauseSquare joined forces with NuoDB in 2017. NuoDB became the official database for the social platform, which connects causes and organizations with donors and volunteers. NuoDB cloud database is ACID compliant. The database scales without the need of sharding. The NuoDB cloud database operates on a tier base system. The latest update included support for Amazon Web Services functionality and included table partitions and storage groups. NuoDB created a community edition which enabled scale-out across multiple hosts. NuoDB continues to be the number one option for cloud database.