NuoDB: The Flexible SQL Database that Adapts to Cloud

NuoDB is a new generation SQL database specifically designed for the deployment in the cloud. Further, it is a transactional database management system or DBMS that showcases the characteristics of traditional databases but scaling out cloud computing processing as well. As a flexible SQL database, NuoDB follows a three-tier structure contrary to traditional databases, and that are transactional, storage, and administrative tiers.

Interestingly, the layered structure of the SQL database helps it to work without any close coupling with any application and without storing data on a hard disk drive – the characteristic that makes it suitable for cloud applications. The working mechanism of NuoDB is that it divides data elements “atoms” – special type of software objects. The database comes with a durable distributed cache design that makes in-memory caches for supporting cloud-style elasticity. It also ensures that the data objects are entirely stored and maintained.

The SQL database is designed and developed by NuoDB Inc., a leading software vendor for cloud platforms. The initial version of the database – NuoDB 1.0 – was released in January 2013, and in the later years, successive versions of the database have been released. Currently, the vendor sells 2.0.3 version of the database, and the technology is utilized by industry bigwigs like UAE Exchange, Dassault Systèmes, Alfa Systems, and more.