Advantages you get from equities first holdings limited

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Here are some advantage that you will get if you join equities first holdings limited. If you join them you will have an opportunity to learn all management skills that you require to run your own business. Also they will teach you on how to invest wisely as long as you are a member of that company. They will also be there to guide you when you start your business up to the time they think that it is appropriate for you to go ahead a lone. Also hey will be the one will be showing you on how to spot an investment and how to make that small idea you have to be big. For those who like to get a loan they will tell you reasons why loans are helpful to your business and what time to take them. Join equities first holdings limited for you to enjoy much from experts of business.


An Insight to Techstyle’s Management And Founders.

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TechStyle, a company which has brought about top notch fashion sense and product by the use of technology. This year, the firm set to earn a revenue approximated to be $700 million, a figure arrived at with the help of its two thousand employees and 4.5 million subscribed members.

Founded by two visionary entrepreneurs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, the company’s profile will boost with the launch of a new product next year which will also lead to an increase of the company’s valuation and sales.

Adam Goldenberg, Techstyle’s co-founder active career life currently stands at twenty years which began at the tender age of thirteen years old. At 13, Adam started an online based bulletin board, whose performance was excellent. After some time, the bulletin was boosted to increase its revenue and transformed into Gamer’s Alliance, a then-popular gaming website. At the age of 17 years, Adam sold the gaming website to Intermix, founding company of Myspace social media. Intermix later offered Adam Goldenberg a fulltime position of a Chief Operating Officer as a teenager, 19 years, making him the youngest chief operating officer in History. It is while at this COO position that Goldenberg realized the potential that lies in e-commerce making him found another enterprise, Intelligent beauty. With time, Intelligent beauty led to the birth of other companies such as JustFab. Goldenberg’s aggressive use of technology throughout as he grew and his previous experience enabled him to co-found TechStyle successfully

Don Ressler on the other hand, is a well-known online entrepreneur having run successful ventures across online platforms in the past. One of his experience is sourced from his successful venture Fitness Heaven which was later sold. Don Ressler also worked with Intermix where he boosted the value of shares before finally selling the organization to News Corp at a very profitable tag of $670 million. Other start-ups by Don include Alena media and Hydroderm, a skincare brand.

Don and Goldenberg’s successful partnership journey started when they founded Intelligent beauty which gave a basis for the creation of TechStyle. While Don runs the company’s customer experience, vision and talent, Adam manages the company’s internal systems, data and marketing.

TechStyle is a technology based entity owning a fashion operating system platform with distinct features such as the CRM membership system, e-commerce system, personal styling system, enterprise data management system and the supply chain and fulfilment system. An incorporation of all the above systems have not only given clients an exquisite shopping experience but also customer service that is next to none.

Both Goldenberg and Don’s purpose is creating incremental builds into their organization as products and software features to ensure that they dominate the digital space in fashion sense.

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The Role of IDLife in Transformation of Personalized Nutrition

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According to information given by Centers for Disease Control, more than 70 percent of the men population in United States suffer from obesity or are categorized as overweight. On the other hand, over 65 percent women fall under the same category, which is quite alarming. As it is, obesity is likely to affect an individual in many ways. To begin with, being overweight can affect an individual’s relationships, work, or even the ability to function efficiently.IDLife is an innovative health firm that seeks to offer targeted nutritional supplements. They provide a wide variety of products, which are aimed at serving particular clients depending on their unique needs. IDLife comes with a horde of solutions for most of the health issues facing America.

IDLife as a Unique Health Company

To begin with, IDLife appreciates that all people are different in terms of genetics, health history, among several other components. As such, when designing health products, they consider coming up with solutions that will cater to various people according to their needs. Many people have become frustrated with healthcare solutions because of the service providers who rely on a one-size-fits-all model. IDLife is out to change the face of supplement markets. When it comes to the quest to satisfy clients with the right nutritional supplements, IDLife is on the verge of providing targeted nutrition alternatives for all. For the years that they have been in the nutrition sector, they have maintained a position ahead of the curve, which is commendable.

Responsible Sourcing of Nutritional Supplements

IDLife is entirely dedicated to raising the bar in the nutritional industry. They go an extra mile to ensure that they source their ingredients responsibly. These supplements could only be as good as the ingredients used to make them. It is for this reason that they invest in top quality elements that go a long way in helping them live up to their reputation. To achieve their results, they engage scientists who assist them to deliver clinically researched products. Due to their commitment to quality delivery, their products have become FDA-approved, giving you every reason to opt for them.

The Brain Behind IDLife

Success of IDLife is attributable to its founder, Mr. Logan Stout. Logan is an accomplished investor, former athlete, and a mentor, initiatives that give him a platform to help other people. Mr. Stout has an inborn desire to guide people through their road to success. It pleases him to see IDLIfe deliver cutting-edge service to the masses.

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Michel Terpins as a driver in Brazilian rallying.

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Michel Terpins began sports at an early age he had always had a great admiration for his father and his accomplishments in sports and how these accomplishments had led to his success in other areas of his life. His father Jack Terpins or simply Jacko was one of the best basketball players in the country in the early seventies and he enjoyed a superb career that enabled him to take care of his family. After retirement, the president of Brazil would tap him to lead and manage sports in the country a duty he took up and served diligently with the results being a better management of the team and a great improvement in how sporting events were handled in the country.His dedication to them was what served as an inspiration to his sons Rodrigo and Michel Terpins who are today very successful rally drivers.

Michel terpins was also a cross country champion who began his career as rider in his early twenties when he joined the sport as a rookie he was able to grow through hard work and in a few years was flying high and today is one of the highest regarded champions in the sport having left to join rallying at the peak of his career when he was the country’s champion.He was appointed as the chairman of the team that today leads the cross country championship in Brazil.

He has taken part in numerous championships and the Sertões Rally which is a favorite among drivers and fans across Brazil. The Sertões Rally is one of the most challenging in the rally events in the country.It is considered to cover the most diverse terrains in the routes it follows and it is this aspect that has seen the participants considered as some of the best in Brazilian rallying.

Michel Terpins competes using the T-Rex a MEM developed the special vehicle for the T1 prototype category.The Bull Sertões Rally Team #322 will be taking part in the 25th edition of the rally that consists of 1999 special terrain out of the 33000 total distance expected to be covered.The team of Michel and his navigator are sure to be one of the exceptional teams that are expected to perform well.

Productive Advertising by White Shark Media

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White Shark Media is a prime digital marketing agency that provides online marketing services mainly for small and medium-sized companies. The firm has worked itself up to be the fastest growing digital agency in North America. The company is unique as it runs cost-effective search marketing campaigns while delivering high-end customer experience.

Many companies have improved in their business by utilizing White shark Media’s marketing strategies. Clients appreciate the company because it takes accountability to what happens with their marketing monthly. White Shark Media was established in 2011 with three Danish entrepreneurs, Alexander Nygart who is the chief executive officer, Gary Garth serving as the chief business development officer and Andrew Lolk. The firm was established with an objective of venturing into the expanding market in Latin America and the US providing outstanding services.

White Shark Media has grown to have 150 employees in three countries providing services like Display Advertising, Google Analytics, Adwords Search and Bing Ads. After one year of hard work, the company was recognized by Google at the beginning of 2012 when they were invited to the Google HQ that took place in Mountain View in California. At the event, Google assigned a designated support group to leverage the company’s client needs and its growth.

This partnership led to White Shark Media winning the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnerships in July 2014. The company is excited to be a Google AdWords Premier SMB partner because the program exclusively includes hand-picked agencies meaning they meet all the qualifications. Moreover, Microsoft noticed the firm through its proven track record and their unwavering help for small companies. Therefore, White Shark Media engaged in an alliance to be part of Microsoft’s Selective Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

Many small business owners have given thousands of testimonials on how White Shark Media has benefited them. For example, a client from Software in Minnesota stated that White Shark Media is the AdWords they have always wanted. From New Jersey, a client at a jewelry store said that White Shark media is up to date regarding knowledge and a transportation service client from California recommends White Shark media to anyone looking to advertise.

Many testimonials are received from clients in different types of companies whose sales have improved because of White Shark Media’s fantastic advertising tactics. White Shark Media is passionate about helping businesses market their products with their high-end digital services. Many companies have achieved their success courtesy of White Shark Media.

Mexico Oil Reform Advances with First Private Well in 80 Years

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Talos Energy Company is an independent gas and oil company based in the United States. For the company, they have their focus laid on offshore production and exploration. The company has its assets based on acquiring assets in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast regions with their emphasis laid on exploration, asset optimization, and exploitation of the gas and oil products. For more than six decades of professional experience in this industry, the company is proud to become part of the solution to more than nine countries when it comes to the gas and oil exploration problems. Perhaps this is the reason why they are the most sought company in the industry.

Talos Energy Company is the proud owner of the 33,000 square miles of the high-end 3D seismic data that cover all their working portfolios. The company’s technical teams, on their proprietary basis, has processed all the data that enables them to optimize all their drilling works and processes in and out of the United States. The company also has an optimized drilling inventory and better acquisition evaluation for the joint venture opportunities and acquisitions. This is the reason why Talos Energy Company is regarded as one of the best companies in the world.

For the first time in more than eight decades, a private company based out of Mexico is sinking anew offshore well in the Mexican waters. Mexico is a country known to conserve their special contracts for their internal companies. This is the first step the country is making to allow external investors to take part in the building process. They are also seeking foreign investors into the system to clean up their business models in the energy industry. Talos Energy Company has joined forces with the London-based Premier Oil Company to sustain their business solutions. This is an action that is meant to give effort to Talos Energy Company to sustain this new business opportunity in Mexico. In a statement made by the CEO of the company, they are set to offer the most sophisticated solution for the oil exploration procedures in Mexico. This exploration is meant to succeed.


Don Ressler, Adam Goldberg and Kate Hudson are Re-Thinking October

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Kate Hudson, co-founder of Fabletics, announced the collaboration of Fabletics and the Council of Fashion Designers of America for FTBC (Fashion Breast Cancer) and the clothing collection, baby pink and bright blue, to benefit the project. This was very important to Hudson and the firm as they step up to the plate to bring about awareness and funding for a most worthy cause.

The collection was available throughout the month of October which is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The line was available through and the Fabletics brick and mortar stores throughout the country and all proceeds benefited FTBC. The line in the signature colors included a tank top with leggings, Capri’s, sports bra and high waist leggings. Launching the benefit for breast cancer awareness gave Hudson some much needed focus after a tumultuous year in addition to helping a great cause.

According to the Kate Hudson philosophy a healthy mind and body and those two aspects are the motivation to live optimistically and think positively. This is what the Fabletics brand stands for. Hudson, as well as the other co-founders wants to continue to expand and take the necessary risks to provide the fashion and accessories desired around the world. With their monthly subscription method of business, they are able to initiate new ideas and concepts. The business model makes it fun for the owners as they get to explore different styles.

Fabletics was co-founded by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg in 2013. The company came about after identifying a gap in active wear industry by not offering an affordable option in addition to a luxury option.

Don Ressler and Goldberg, both businessmen and entrepreneurs were business partners and specialized in e-commerce. They met while working at Intermix, after Intermix purchased Goldberg’s company, Gaming Alliance, a company he formed when he was just 15 years old.

Ressler sold his web site to Intermix. Ressler and Goldberg formed a stable working relationship and established Intelligence Beauty. With the success of such an e-commerce site and the wisdom to identify e-commerce as a trend of the near future, and developing an interest in fashion Ressler and Goldberg teamed with Hudson to establish Fabletics.

The Dallas Financier

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The NexBank is the Dallas’s leading banking institution. By September 3, 2017, NexBank was valued at $7.6 billion in assets. It delivers Mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services for large corporations, financial institutions as well as the middle-market companies and investors in real estate. The group is led by Chairman James Dondero who is the president and core-founder of the Highland Capital Management.

Personalized and dedicated banking services

For the last 100 years, NexBank has delivered its services in a client-focused approach. The bank provides a suite of cash management and deposit services customized to the individual needs of customers. The bank’s mission is protecting and managing client’s finances and also providing suitable banking products.


The NexBank helps individuals and families to build and protect the savings they make for future generations. The bank through their dedicated personal bankers allows clients to determine the best product within their limit, and also at their interest requirements. The bank offers its customers several saving products that help them manage their finances while earning interests on their balances. The company provides mobile and also online banking services that lessen the burden of transferring funds to their saving accounts.


Nexbank has a team of professionals that help clients select the mortgage that fits their financial needs. The company offers a range of options, and it handles loans of any amount. The bank provides mortgage loans in the form of FHA&VA Loans, Rural Development loans, Cash-out Financing, ARMs&Fixed Rate Options, Jumbo Mortgages and Conventional Loans.


Nexbank has structures that allow efficient deposit and withdrawals. It offers Platinum One Checking, E-Free Checking, and Rates and Fees Checking services for this reason.

Commercial Lending

NexBank also provides commercial and SBA loans to small business and corporations. These loans help businesses to purchase property, refinance their existing loans and to purchase machinery and equipment.

The NexBank also funds charitable ventures. It was the sponsor of the 32nd Annual Luncheon of the Dallas Women’s Foundation. The bank gave out $100000 to the foundation which advances for women leadership and economic security. The Dallas Women’s Foundation annually hosts the luncheon with more than 1300 business, community and civic leaders in attendance.

CEO Sheldon Lavin- OSI Group growth under his leadership

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The biggest strategy that OSI Group has applied in its move to expands its operations in the world has been through acquisition. They have made numerous acquisition in many countries. The intention of this strategy is to ensure that they penetrate the market faster. When their acquire companies that have already been in the industry, it easier to take over the operations of the previous company than it is to start new operations especially in a sensitive industry such as food production. To conquer in this industry, it’s important to establish the culture and the tastes of people in various locations. Acquisitions mean that a company will just be taking over from an already existing market and not necessarily begin from scratch.

The CEO of OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin. He is a brilliant manager who has been with the company for a very long time. He first joined OSI Group in the1970s as a partner. Business expansion has been one of his main approaches to making the company successful. OSI Group has a presence in over 65 locations all over the world. In addition, they have partnered with other companies in countries like the United Kingdom. They have a presence on almost all the continents.

One of the recent acquisition efforts has landed the group in the European market. They have acquired Baho, one of the largest food production in Europe. Baho has been in the business of producing and distributing convenience food products and other wide range of products mostly in Germany and Netherlands. It is a Dutch company. Being one of the most successful companies in Europe, it was a great catch for the OSI Group. Already OSI Group was controlling a considerable size of the meat production market in Europe. Acquisition of this group was to enhance its presence in the region by offering more products. OSI group hopes to make considerable moves in the industry by implementing green practices in the production of meat products.

Sheldon Lavin joined this group about 4 decades ago. Previously, he was working as an investor and as a business executive. His leadership and experience have been critical to the growth of the firm. His first role was as a partner of the company. He was working closely with sons of the founder of OSI Group. He would later own half of the company after one of the sons sold his shares. Finally, after the other partner retired, Sheldon Lavin was left in charge of the production company.

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The Rise Of Obsidian Energy Limited

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Obsidian energy limited is a Canadian company that deals with natural gas and oil production. It has its base in Calgary, Alberta. It was formerly known as Penn West Investments which had three companies; Penn West Exploration, Penn West Petroleum, and Penn West energy trust. It changed its name from to obsidian energy on 26 June 2017. It is a public company headed by David L French as the CEO.



During the difficulties that rocked the oil industry in 2014, the company had to make some tough choices. It had to metamorphose into a leaner, more agile and functional organization. It had to restructure among is investments and how it conducted business to remain profitable. The move bore fruits for three years down the line; it was able to clear off debt and carry on with its operations as usual.



Being one of the biggest companies to list in the Toronto stock exchange it features in the top sixty enterprises in Canada. The company boasts of a capital base of about 9.5 billion dollars in assets and other investments around the world. It also is listed on the New York stock exchange. It has about three hundred employees. Visit This Page for more info on the company.



Obsidian Energy prides itself on service delivery and the entrepreneurial drive that has helped them wade through this constant evolving swamp of the oil industry. It had managed to keep the business running since 1979 when it was formed and started its operations throughout Western Canada.



Obsidian has oil and gas fields in the Alberta, located along the Western Canadian sedimentary basin, one of the regions known to have some of the most significant deposits of petroleum. Its main production areas are the Pembina Cardium, peace river oil and the Alberta Viking. It has its production totaling to about 31,000 billion barrels in a day.



Obsidian Energy has also involved in charitable events and donations that help in furthering the humanity and even in the environmental course. It has also been fulfilling its pledge to the community through its community service within its localities such as providing facilities like schools and hospitals.