Richard Blair Provides Objective Wealth Solutions and Investment Plans to Clients around Austin, Texas

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Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) company located in Austin, Texas. Richard Blair is the founder of the firm and aims to make a positive impact on small business owners, individuals, and families. Richard grew up in a family where both parents were teachers and therefore developed a passion for the education industry.

Blair understands how education can transform lives through knowledge impartment and building of self-confidence. Combining that with his high aptitude in finance, he ventured into the field of financial advisory and investment planning. After his college education, he began his career in financial services in 1994. Blair has particularly helped people plan for their retirement by avoiding common pitfalls and offering strategies for retirement income planning. He has received numerous certifications including CAS, CFC, RICP, and CES.

Here are some critical lessons from the financial advisory expert, Richard Blair:

Financial Planning Process for Wealth Solutions

Every individual needs a proper plan for their future goals to be accomplished. Blair’s focus is to equip the communities around Austin, Texas with the necessary wealth creation tools and helps his clients plan for retirement.

His Wealth Solutions program takes a comprehensive 3-pillar approach. The strategy helps the company to identify your financial situation and retirement needs. By knowing where you are coming from, it is easier to draw a roadmap for your future financial needs.

Pillar 1: This is designed to assist the client lay bare their financial status and draw a roadmap. It picks on the strengths, risk tolerance, personal goals, and growth opportunities.

Pillar 2: This pillar helps to design a long-term strategy to engage a step by step approach to achieving the client’s investment needs. It takes into consideration the liquidity needs and unique investment goals for the customer. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions assists his clients to reallocate and manage assets for maximum performance in the financial markets. That improves the client’s portfolio and reduces the impact of investing when the market is unfavorable.

Pillar 3: After understanding the client’s goals and drawing a framework for achieving them, Richard looks into the unforeseen, and caters for their insurance needs. That may include life insurance, annuities, and long-term care insurance.

Today, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions continue to provide objective and unbiased financial advisory services that transform lives of many individuals and business owners across the greater Texas state.


Wengie’s Life Hacks For Lazy People

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Wengie is a very popular YouTuber with about 3 million followers. People across the world follow her channel on a regular basis. Certainly, Wengie is one of the most popular channels on the site. Her numbers keep growing because she has an amazing amount of videos to share with followers on interesting topics that cover beauty, fashion, makeup, products and much more. In this video, Wengie shares her life hacks for lay people. Wengie shares that this latest video on life hacks were inspired by her own real life circumstances.


Hacks For Lazy People

Wengie and her twin start out the video in a confrontation over food. Wengie jumps right in and gives her favorite tips on curing that food craving that might hit you at anytime. Certainly, it would seem easier just to order food in, but Wengie shares a recipe to make a quick meal in about a minute. Wengie also shares a great dessert recipe that is easy to create in about a minute too, with the help of a microwave. These are also great foods to make in the middle of the day, when those food cravings hit you out of the blue. The video includes 12 life hacks for lazy people. Many of the ideas are very practical and easy to follow. However, some of the ideas are just for fun and to cause a chuckle or two. Well, all the ideas are interesting and the video is actually fun to watch.


About Wengie

Wengie is an Australian-Chinese blogger and YouTube star. Wengie has well over 3 million followers on her YouTube channel. Wengie’s channel features videos on hair care, skin care, fashion, beauty, life hacks, DIY, and much more. Wengie invites you to subscribe to her channel to keep up to date on her new videos.

Get Help From Online Reputation Management Firms

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Are you in need of more customers or clients? Want to increase sales and revenue in your business. A team of dedicated online reputation management professionals can help you set up a reliable system to attract more customers and suppress negative content about your company.

Online reputation management professionals have the skills and resources necessary to remove or suppress undesirable content and push up favorable content in search results. If you don’t like what you see when you search your company’s name online, then it’s time to consult the experts.

It’s true that favorable or positive Online Reputation Reviews can help you become successful in your endeavors while negative online reputation can greatly impede your progress or even cause a devastating impact on all your efforts online. Therefore, to become successful in your endeavor, you need to be absolutely sure that people see only positive reviews about your company, product or brand. It is necessary to have a thorough evaluation of how your brand or company is perceived online and do something to fix any issues that may lead to undesirable outcome.

Learn from what the positive, but especially the derogatory remarks or reviews are saying. Have a good look at your various processes and try to determine what needs to be done to improve them. For example, is there justification to increase the number of employees or workers to speed up service? Do you think offering current staff more specialized training will get them to know your product and brand better? Maybe there are issues with the product or service itself? By having a thorough look at all these reviews you will be able to figure out where to spent your sales revenue.

When it comes to building or maintaining a good online reputation, you need to check out the experts. There are many firms that render outstanding services to help companies run their business better, and online reputation management is one of them. Having a great reputation management team on your side is a good way to ensure that your company’s image is well protected.


A Better Financial Platform

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Nexbank SSB being a part of Nexbank Capital Inc has recently attained College Savings Bank of Princeton located in New Jersey. College Savings Bank has 529 plan college savings programs that it concentrates on. The CEO and president of Nexbank Capital John Holt, stated that the New Jersey bank will maintain its title and branding as well as retaining their present tasks as a division of Nexbank. College Savings Bank manages the Arizona Family College Savings program-bank plan and Indiana College Choice CD 529 investments plan.

Nexbank capital is a financial service institution that concentrates on three main agendas; Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Investment Banking. Nexbank is located in Dallas, Texas. It is among the biggest and leading banks in the state due to its satisfying results. The financial service company was found in 1934 and throughout the years the number of staff has massively increased and so is its branches.

Apart from concentrating on commercial banking, mortgage banking and investment banking, the company also gives financial advice and guidance to different companies, real estate investors and starting businesses. In the year 2015 Nexbank stated a fast increase .of income in their resources. The percentage of their assets is evidently a good indication of the better growth of the company. Therefore, Nexbank maintains its assertiveness in supporting and helping clients develop their area of interest.

Why you should choose Stock-Based Loans instead of Margin Loans

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Equities First Holdings is an international leader and lender in alternative shareholder financing solutions. The company is experiencing more traction both in the margin and stock-based loans in an economic climate where financial institutions have tautened the lending rules. Not all borrowers who want to raise capital fast qualify for conventional credit-based loans. For this reason, many people opt to use the service of equity lending institutions, and this is making them gain popularity.

Even though some alternatives are still available for these people, many financial institutions have slashed their lending options to debtors, increased their interest rates and tightened loan qualifications. Usually, stock-based loans are characterized by a high loan-to-value ratio as compared to margin loans. The stock-based loans provide a fixed interest rate, offering certainty through the entire transaction.

Note that market fluctuation is unavoidable during the typical three-year loan duration, and you cannot do anything about that. However, the stock-based loans offer a hedge since the debtor is required to lower his or her investment risk when the market is on a downfall. Al Christy, Jr., founder of Equities First Holdings points out that the majority of stock-based loans come with a non-recourse feature. The feature allows a debtor to walk out from a stock loan at any point even if the value of the stock depreciates. With the stock-based loan, a borrower can keep the initial loan proceeds with no further obligation to the creditor.

As Christy points out, some people may think that margin loans and stock-based loans can be synonymous. Even though securities is used as collateral for the two forms of financing, they are entirely different. You need to be pre-qualified for you to get a margin loan, and the money you get must be used for a particular function. In most cases, the interest rate on margin loan varies, and one can expect loan-to-value ratios between 10-15 percent. On top of that, the lending company might decide to liquidate your collateral without warning in the event of a margin call.


About Equities First Holdings

Since Equities First Holdings was established, it has been providing alternative financial solutions to its customers. The company also supplies capital against traded stock to help the clients achieve their personal and professional goals. Currently, Equities First Holdings has completed over 650 transactions valued at 1.4 billion US dollars, giving customers a high loan to values at a minimum fixed interest rate. Equities First Holdings is an international firm with branches in nine countries. It has branches in Singapore, China, and Australia.

You may found more information at

Keith Mann: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

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Keith Mann is an entrepreneur based in New York and the MD of Dynamics Search Partners. He is an expert in hedge fund compensation and has been in the executive search industry for a duration of over 15 years. He also engages in development of staffing and hiring strategies for various companies.


Dynamic Search Partners are a hedge fund service dedicated to sourcing high-quality talents for hedge fund industries. They have established relationships with several prominent equity firms providing the highest bulk of staff for hedge fund industry.


Before his stint in Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann was the Managing Director of Dynamics Executive Search. There he recruited top class talents for global financial services firms.


In 2002, he launched an Alternative Investment Practice for Dynamics Executive Search when he noted the dynamic growth of the hedge fund industry. In 2006, he went into private equity and later established Dynamic Search Partner (DSP) in 2009. That was a premier executive search company dedicated to alternative Investment exclusively. He helped his clients to hire experts in marketing, investment, and internal strategy, in addition to creating new platforms. The firm currently fills over 200 customer requirements yearly across Europe, United States, and Asia.


Partnership with Uncommon Schools


In 2015, Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners held a fundraising activity for Uncommon Schools hosted at the Standard Hotel, Beer Garden. Mann brought together several members of financial services community to raise over $22,000 for the Schools. These funds were geared towards sponsoring students who were testing for the 2014-2015 school year in a new high school inaugurated by the charter school. Uncommon Schools is a group of 42 charter public schools spread across New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York. All the schools are managed from a home office located in New York City in collaboration with regional teams. They offer support in management, coaching of school managers, staff recruitment, professional development, fundraising and more.


“The objective of Uncommon Schools is to fill the achievement gap and enable millions of low-income students to go to college,” Mann, explained.


Uncommon Schools also started a new high school in located in Brooklyn, New York.


Keith Mann Support NYPD


Keith Mann has also been engaged in support for the police force amidst recent police protests. Mann believes that simple actions can make a huge difference in showing support of men and women who put their lives on the line to protect the citizens every single day. He has on that effect donated money to the Hope and Heroes.

Marc Sparks Offers Opportunity to Many in Dallas

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A genuine test of a person’s worth is not how much they have made but how much they have given back to friends, family, and their home community. It is strange to find a rich man or woman who has not been involved with at least one philanthropic organization.

Marc Sparks is a successful businessman who has this great worth both in making and giving back. He has helped many people in his Dallas community from the homeless to the struggling businessman or woman. Sparks has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, building homes for the less fortunate, and supports a high school program, American Can! Academy. Since the 1980s he has funded the Samaritan Inn, offering shelter to the homeless as a way of bringing these people back into society. Sparks is currently involved with a mentoring program, Sparks Tank. This is his way of helping young entrepreneurs get their feet inside the door of business opportunity.

Sparks has been described by others as a serial entrepreneur, a person who enjoys beginning businesses and then selling his share to other interested parties. He has interests in telecommunication companies, Splash Wireless, Blue Jay Wireless, and Cardinal Telecom. He serves as the President of Timber Creek Capital, the company that allows him the latitude to function as a free agent in the business world.

Sparks recently published a book, a journal about gaining success, They Can’t Eat You. He continues his mentoring with his newest concept, Sparks Tank. It is his program of helping successful candidates move their ideas from business concepts into profitable businesses. He has opened a center for this concept in Dallas. In the plain-spoken terms, he has put his money where his mouth is.

Sparks is investing into this glass-walled, modern office complex with walnut conference desks in fashionable workspaces because it is his belief that mentoring and helping others will, in the end, help him and his community.

Marc Sparks has become an asset for the business community in Dallas. His many charity contributions, his book, and now this mentoring program are proving to be of great worth to young entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and the entire business community in the Dallas area.

Billy McFarland: Philanthropist and Founder of Magnises

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Knows as a tech wiz, natural entrepreneur, and a mastermind, Mcfarland has found multiple ways to attract millennials and monetize his efforts while doing so.

 In 2014, at the age of 23, Billy founded, Magnises; an experiential and benefits platform that helps its members unlock their cities and take their lives to the next level. Magnises is an exclusive black card that is technology-based and community oriented. Perks are offered with the card along with guidance and cachet that is aimed at improving the lives of its members.

Magnises card members can enjoy perks such as private members-only concerts, exclusive art previews at top galleries, tastings with notable chefs, members-only pricing on tickets to sporting events; shows and concerts, all-access passes to the hottest clubs, complimentary upgrades on travel bookings worldwide, a concierge app that is akin to having a personal assistant whom suggests experiences in and around your city, and boasts several Hotspots where members and their guests can host meetings; catch up on work; relax with a drink; or simply mingle with other Magnises members.

Founding something as revolutionary as Magnises in his early 20’s is only part of McFarland’s impressive story. At the age of 12, he was teaching himself computer code and founded several companies while still in high school, many of which were acquired. According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland, is also the founder and CEO of the online ad platform, Spling, which he founded in 2011 when he was only 19 years old.

On top of being a successful business man, Billy McFarland is a philanthropist and has been involved with quite a few non-profit organizations. Among these are Learning Entrepreneurship Through Active Participation (LEAP); which helps middle school and high school students acquire business and technology skills at a young age, and The Accelerate Foundation which connects professional athletes from every sport with senior level mentors in an industry of their choosing in order to help them transition to the corporate world.

Billy McFarland was born in New York City in 1991 and continues to use his brilliance, intuition, and natural skills of connecting people in all of his entrepreneurial pursuits.


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Online reputation management is primarily concerned with the management of results on a website to mainly evaluate products and services and makes recommendations and referrals. The primary aim of ORM is to broaden public relations outside media relations. Recent studies by Online Reputation Reviews have identified it as a driving force behind Fortune 500 public relations since the 21st century. Online, the internet and the social media is now accessible, and it has a new meaning and is focusing on electronic communities, such as review sites and the top search results on the brand and individual.  Below are some of the things a person or a firm should put in mind about online reputation management.

Things you need to know about online reputation.

  • Protect your reputation: Your reputation can quickly be tarnished on the internet, so having online reputation managers. The managers specialize in making online makeover by burying the negative search results and replacing them with the client’s desire.
  • Protect your profile online: You can keep you safe online profile by installing anti-virus protection on your computer. The process needs an expert who designs and fixes your digital reputation and profile.
  • Be transparent: it is a communication mode to companies, and it is beneficial when embraced. It is important to be open to critics that come on your social media platform, provides feedback to the critics, allow your staff members to talk and discuss your products in public and also establish a 1-1 communication channel.
  • First impression: The first thing people see on your Google page will either attract them to your brand or push them away, always create the best first impression on your first page.
  • Understand your criticism: criticism can be the best school and chance to learn more about your audience and how to improve your brand and services.

Online Reputation Management helps marketers to analytics into guides that assist them to make decisions and grow their business. ORM helps entrepreneurs to know whether something negative or positive is happening to their brand and company.

Discover How To Talk More And Pay Less

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Securus Technologies are a team of professionals that have expanded to a global network. Certification 1 is the approval of an international network for thousands of new customers. On the home front Securus Technologies provides their customers with real time calling features. Stay home and talk to your loved ones all you want with many advanced features. Securus Technologies has superior technology unmatched by their competitors. They are responsible for a recent clarification that improved the accuracy of Global Tel-Link. Their fourth-quarter audit made it possible for inmates to get free calls to their loved ones in Louisiana.


Securus puts the safety of their customers first with government regulated inmate call monitoring and surveillance. Your calls are maintained with the highest level of customer service satisfaction. Inmates have access to their own personalized calling features and their loved ones limit their commute. There are a number of resources that can help inmates and their loved ones stay connected. Go with the inmate calling network that thousands of people across the globe can depend on. Securus Technologies is a name that is leading the competition. Watch more on


Inmate Calling Features


Voicemail Options


 Voicemail options are now available to inmates through their personalized service options. Best of all, these features are available from the facility by getting an access code from your commissary. This features helps inmates transition for life outside of a correctional facility.


Advanced Pay


You can get these minutes by ordering calling credits from the Securus Technologies website. Securus invites you to their easy to read and navigate website for more programs, services, and promotional offers to keep you connected to your loved ones.