The Continual Growth of the Kabbalah Centre in the United States and Around the World

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The Kabbalah Centre was established in Los Angeles, California, in 1984. The Kabbalah Centre came to Los Angeles after a 20-year stint being headquartered in New York City.

Since landing in California, the Kabbalah Centre has expanded apace. It currently has over 50 branch locations located around the globe. This includes branches in major cities, including New York City, Toronto, and London.

In addition to the ever-increasing number of Kabbalah Centre branches in different cities, there has been an uptick in the number of study groups associated with the organization as well. The Internet is also becoming a major resource for people interested in studying Kabbalah. The Kabbalah Centre offers a broad spectrum of classes online in this day and age as well.

One of the reasons the Kabbalah Centre has experienced greater interest and significant growth in the past two decades arises from the fact that a growing number of famous people have become affiliated with the organization during that time period. Iconic pop singer Madonna is a prime example of a famous person connected with the LA Kabbalah Centre. Livestream  Kabbalah Centre .

Madonna has been associated with the Kabbalah Centre for about 20 years. In addition to studying Kabbalah, Madonna has also been instrumental in starting branch locations of the Kabbalah Centre in different cities. In addition, Madonna is also a financial supporter of the Kabbalah Centre and its mission. Watch Video .

The Kabbalah Centre is also on a growth swing because its doors are held wide open to a large swath of people interested in Kabbalist studies and practice. Unlike some more conservative organizations, the Kabbalah Centre brings people in who do not have a background in Hebrews and Jewish texts. More conservative Kabbalah organizations require that type of study as a prerequisite to participating in the study of the Kabbalah and its practices. for more.


Different Loan types for people that don’t fit in the conventional banking limits

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Getting a well defined portfolio of investment is very important for both businesses and persons that have a high net worth. The easiest way to make these investments is looking for loan companies that have been in the business for a long time and understand the hacks and tricks of the industry. One of these companies is Equities First Holdings. The company started their operations in the UK and they have spread their influence to the major markets around the globe. They are currently trading in Hong Kong, China, The UK and even the US.

The founders of the company had studied the market keenly and noticed that there was a gap that existed between people who needed loans to start investments and the lending services that were available in the market. The company therefore decided to start helping out people who cannot access the conventional loans using the conventional collaterals. To make this happen, they came up with a lending system that made it possible for their clients to use stocks that are traded in the major markets as collateral for their loans. The loan is available to the clients so long as they have a good amount of stock in one of the major markets around the globe.

The advantages of using stocks as loan collateral are many. To start with, if the market goes down and you are unable to make the repayments, you will not end up with crippling losses. When you are having difficulties repaying the loans, the company sells off some of the stock that you placed in their care and the debt is settled.These are the options that the leadership at Equities First Holdings need their clients to be aware of. When these sources are available, people will have better investment choices and decisions.


The Role of Thor Halvorssen

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Different people can make different impressions in the world. Some may be positive some negative. When you are talking about leaving positive marks, one person who has successfully done that is one Thor Leonardo Halvorssen commonly referred to as Thor Halvorssen. Being from Venezuela, he is not only a human rights advocate in the country but also a film producer. In this article, we take a look of some of his achievements and successes.

How did Thor become a human rights advocate?

It was clear that Thor wanted to advocate for the rights of “the underdogs and powerless” as early as he was a teenager. It was in 1989 where he made his mark while in London by putting up opposition against the apartheid regime that was going on in South Africa. However, what led him to be a full promoter of human rights is the arrest of his father as a political prisoner in that case.

To show his desire, he created the foundation for human rights that was based in the UK. This was immediately after his mother was shot as a result of the political quagmire. The aim of Thor’s Human Rights Foundation is advocating for people who are arrested for political reasons to be set free. Also, the aim of the Foundation is to advocate for democracy and promote tolerance in Latin America.

Thor’s human rights group has been successful ever since it was created. For instance, due to the foundation’s efforts, political prisoners have been set free as a result, provided amicus briefs in international cases associated with human rights, and it has published several books with regards to human rights.

Thor’s career as a film producer

Not only has Thor Halvorssen been successful in terms of advocating for human rights but also as a film producer. His most recent work is producing the movie “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.” In the past, he has co-produced Freedom’s Fury and also Hammer and Tickle both of which were a total success.


Thor Halvorssen is a success both in film and more especially in advocating for human rights. While it is true his desire was boosted by his father’s arrest and his mother’s shooting, he handled the situation by looking on the brighter side. Instead of vengeance, he looked to advocate for more freedom instead. He will forever be remembered for his efforts with regards to that. for more.


Jason Hope – Entrepreneur, Mobile Technology

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Jason Hope is one of the most prominent serial entrepreneurs and philanthropists in the world of finance and technology. He is also a renowned investor in the world of technology. As a futurist, he has answered numerous questions of how he has developed his career.

Let us have a careful look at these events. The reason why he commenced his business on the internet is that of his education as an undergraduate. Jason Hope studied finance as a unit at the University of Arizona. For this reason, he attained a qualification to get beer business management capabilities. This is the reason why business is what drove him to success at a tender age.

When someone finishes a finance degree from a renowned university, they must commence anything in this line of business and mitigation. That is exactly what he did. Because of the many benefits associated with mobile technology. He was inspired to develop the industry while it still keeps growing. For his reason, industry has many people still do business lines through this technology. While this is true, the technology is at its peak of growth. This means that someone can still earn a living through invention and strategies using this technology.

Mobile technology, while it is still new in this world, has a lot of room for improvement and growth. For this reason, expansion is paramount to make better changes in a manner that is not matched in other industries. For this reason, Jason Hope commenced selling premium text messages for other companies for better business development. When the business grew, he started earning real money to develop other business entities in his field. He also became an investor through the sales made to companies. While he did all this, he played a foundation to the future of the industry. In the recent past, he has started making money using his work portfolio. For this reason, many other people in the industry have begun appreciating his business ideas in a manner that is best for him. He has also gone into numerous researchers in the medical industry to improve the lives of people using technology.

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Innovacare Health Should Be a Primary Option of Healthcare For Anyone

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Innovacare Health is providing citizens with a tremendous opportunity that they should not resist. At a time when health insurance is becoming a mandatory requirement for people to enroll in by law, people are noticing health insurance plans prices rising. This is because there are a myriad of companies that are noticing that there are several opportunities for them to profit by cutting costs and raising prices during a time when people are running around and looking for an insurance company to cover them. Why not search around until you find a company that is most suitable for you? The problem is, most people are not wanting to pay the fine that comes along with deciding not to enroll in a healthcare insurance program.

Innovacare Health is offering people their insurance services for as cheap as it comes. However, one should not confuse this with quality of services as they are one of the top providers of healthcare services in the entire market. They are currently offering great deals in both insurance package options and physician services. If you are to unexpectedly become sick or hurt, you can use either of these options to better you situation. Read more about Innovacare on Businesswire.

Innovacare Health is by far one of the more nationally recognized companies that is providing health insurance coverage packages. It is important to know why they are recognized as being a top choice as well. Perhaps the company’s CEO is enough of a reason for many. After all, oftentimes, a company’s values and quality are a reflection of their leaders. The company’s CEO, Rick Shinto, was awarded with the award of the year from Ernst & Young in 2012. It was given to him because he properly demonstrated excellent workmanship in various areas, such as personal commitment to communities, businesses, and great financial performance, and innovation. As the CEO of any company can certainly be a reflection of the company, one will want to also conduct their own researching of reviews and ratings given to the company. Innovacare Health is one that has receive positive ratings from prior and current customers, thus, making them a terrific choice. Visit their website at InnovaCareHealth.Com.

JeanMarie Guenot Is Helping Change Medicine

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JeanMarie Guenot has practiced medicine in pharmaceutical and biotechnology field for over 20 years ( She has experience in creating new companies and rebuilding others. The doctor is currently the CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics.


Dr. Guenot and Amphivena are working together to help create antibody therapies that work for hematologic malignancies. The doctor created SKS Ocular, which is a start-up ophthalmic company incubator, before she founded Amphivena.  In fact, under Jeanmarie Amphivena has risen to become one of the Bay Area’s biggest biotech startups, according to


JeanMarie Guenot graduated from the University of California and went on to get her MBA from University of Pennsylvania. She started her business career with Atlas Venture and while in that position she helped build life science companies. She trained in physical and medicinal chemistry.


As Dr. Guenot worked her way over to her science career she worked for Hoffman-La Roche as a principal scientist. Her main focus was on developing drugs for autoimmune diseases, among other diseases.


JeanMarie Guenot is considered an expert in her field of business and science. She is well respected by her peers and is well trusted in her work. Dr. Guenot has helped improved medications and their effects on certain diseases. Between her and others at Amphivena Therapeutics they are performing researches constantly to fight the battle of deadly diseases. Discovers are being made on a regular bases.


The doctor has a passion for what she does in her field of medicine and is always looking for way to make improvements involving medicine. With her knowledge in business and the medical field Dr. Guenot is finding new ways to improve the health of patients, even though she is not directly involved with the patient herself.


There are always new advancements in the antibody therapy research and development. Dr. Guenot is a person to watch as new treatments start showing up for pharmaceuticals companies to try and treat patients.

WEN By Chaz: Simple, Back To Basic Hair Care With No Lather Shampoo

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The hair care industry is a huge one that especially caters to women. For most of us, having a bad hair day is unacceptable and puts us in a bad frame of mind. We spend a lot of money yearly to wash, condition, deep treat, style, perm, straighten, curl, color and on and on. We hope to have celebrity hair, the kind that shines, is in control and healthy.

Most of us, however, never bother to check the backs of our shampoo and conditioner bottles. As long as the big lather activates, we believe good things are happening to our hair. Sulfates, instead, are present in most drugstore and even high end shampoos and treatments, and these chemicals are actually weakening hair strands. The synthetic ingredients damage tresses from root to end over time.

That is why Chaz Dean developed his famous no lather shampoo brand, WEN by Chaz. Chaz Dean has been respected around the industry for years now as a favorite celebrity stylist. He knew there had to be a better, healthier and natural way to care for hair. So, he turned to his clean lifestyle and approached product development through an holistic philosophy.

WEN Hair is all about the pureness and incredible benefits that come from plant- and fruit-based hair care formulas. These rich conditioning cleansers bring mega-watt shine, manageability and strength to hair of any type and texture. When you adopt the WEN no lather shampoo system, you don’t need a separate shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, de-tangler or deep conditioning process. All of those are expertly blended into one bottle of WEN by Chaz.

Celebrities love the no lather shampoo system and swear by it. Anyone can develop A-list hair. Proper cleansing/conditioning products matter. WEN by Chaz is back to basic hair care. For more product information and hair care tips too, check out Wen Hair official Facebook page and Twitter account.

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Diversant, LLC: Building on John Goullet’s Success and Reputation at Info Technologies

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John Goullet is the Principal at Diversant, LLC. The company is a well-known firm in the information and technology sector. It was co-founded by John Goullet after years of being in the industry. What most people do not know is that John was also the founder of Info Technologies. He established the company back in 1994 and became its CEO.

Before he formed his own company, Goullet worked in IT staffing. Before that he was a computer consultant. While working as an accountant executive for an IT staffing company, he made the decision to form his own company.

Info Technologies

Info technologies was formed with the intention of matching personalities with IT jobs around them. Goullet would work with clients who need diverse IT expertise. He ran a database which acted as an agent between the clients and their potential employees. The company worked on the premise of linking up clients with professionals who matched their required skills and needs.

John Goullet grew the company into an award-winning firm. In fact, the company won several awards and got mentioned in the Inc. Magazine’s top 500 firms. The company was also ranked among the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. With a clientele of many top firms and investors, Info Technologies became one of the most reputed firms around.

Why Diversant?

Currently, John Goullet is the Chairman at Diversant, LLC. The company is a merger between Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. The strategic merger is geared towards expanding the scope of the company’s IT staffing solutions, as well as to widen their clientele. The company is also pleased to welcome the expertise and professionalism which both firms had established successfully.

Goullet is hopeful that the merger will enhance their mode of delivery. Their company has already come up with innovative ways to boost their staffing services and returns. Apart from their IT staffing solutions, Diversant, LLC is also involved in charity and community development. If you are looking for IT staffing solutions for a small-size firm or a large one, Diversant, LLC is definitely your best bet.

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The Passionate Entrepreneur, Rona Borre
The Passionate Entrepreneur, Rona Borre

Rona Borre, CEO and founder of Instant Alliance, she is been on the leading female entrepreneurs in Chicago land. Instant Alliance that was formerly largely known as Instant Technology was founded in the year 2001 and since then the company has experienced and upward growth production.


Being a woman with great personality despite all odds she has been given leadership posts in three of Chicago community organizations this are Economic Club of Chicago, Chicago Network and the Young presidents of the organization.


Rona has established herself human capital industry this has caught the media’s attention and she has been on the limelight of the media of late by the following media’s CNBC,CBS 2 Chicago ,USA today Crains’s Chicago and CNN. This has not only seen her gain the public popularity but also she has been honored as the National Association of Business Owners and Business Ledger as an influential woman in business.  Click on


‘‘Hard work pays’’ she has been appreciated by the enterprising women magazine as the enterprising woman of the year this is an attribution to the many awards to her agency.  See


Rona Borre had passion and worked on what she loved most having obtained he BS fro the University of Arizona in Business.

Troy McQuagge; A Visional Award-Winning Insurance Leader

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The One Planet Award is a prestigious program that seeks to recognize and honor brilliant businesses and professionals in different industries globally.The award program is versatile and allows all types of businesses and organizations to participate. One Planet Awards go through a large number of nominations from startups, profit and nonprofit, public and private, small to large sized organizations, for different categories.

Therefore, it’s certainly no mean feat for Troy McQuagge to clinch the coveted gold winner award for the most innovative CEO of the year in the Accounting, Banking, Financial, and Insurance category. Despite the fact that he has close to nineteen awards, some from One Planet as well, Troy expressed that it was a great honor to receive the award and it gives him a new level of recognition, and respect among his peers and colleagues in the insurance industry all over the world.

In his speech, Troy also stated that mainly, the award belonged to all the people at USHEALTH Group. It was a tangible representation of the company’s dedication to providing affordable and innovative health care solutions that can change and grow along with their customers changing needs.

Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH in 2010 armed with thirty years experience sales and administration. USHEALTH Group Inc. is a company that incorporates talents of the employees and licensed agents to provide valuable customer service while distributing their competitive insurance products.

roy was able in a short time to achieve exceptional turnaround results in the company. He started out with the idea of accelerating the company’s success by strategically restructuring the company’s distribution agency- USHEALTH Advisors.This move registered success and increased sales thereby leading the company to exceptional growth and profitability.

Owing to his success with the distribution agency, Troy was elected president and CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc. in 2014. During his time, at USHEALTH group, the company is recorded to have achieved over 500% growth. Troy has led the company to the highest level of sales since it’s inception. His proprietary agent platform, USHEALTH Advisors, was a significant contributing factor. Troy is a board member of the USHEALTH Group Inc.

Troy McQuagge is an excellent leader who works hard to achieve dynamic results.He is always motivated to develop and maintain a conducive environment that is full of opportunities through his profession and participation in philanthropic causes.Troy has exceptionally committed to several charitable causes including, Semper Fi Fund, HopeKids Phoenix, Crisis Nursery Phoenix, and much more.

Troy McQuagge holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. He actively participated in the university’s tennis team.