Jim Hunt Launches A Wealth Making Product

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Jim Hunt has launched a new trading solution aimed at helping ordinary citizens to ride the wealth wave. The product, named Wealth Wave, will provide non-expert traders with the ability to identify impending bear market and know when to buy or sell securities. Wealth Wave was launched in mid-July. Investors have warmly embraced the idea.

In the past, financial experts have been able to identify impending fall of security prices. However, they never disclose this information to the public, but rather take advantage of the fall and make millions of dollars for themselves. On the other hand, the public has always made losses on their investment when the bear market occurs.

According to Jim Hunt, making money from market crashes is easy. He emphasizes that the success of failure of an individual is strictly based on his or her timing. If one sells or buys the stock at the wrong time, he or she will make losses. Hunt says that market crashes do not destroy money, but merely transfer it to other sectors of the economy or people. Hunt’s product enabled his clients make wealth through investing in securities. This information was originally published on PRNewswire as outlined in the link below http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/jim-hunt-of-vta-publications-launches-wealth-wave-a-simple-strategy-to-identify-an-impending-bear-market-and-profit-massively-from-the-drop-300303505.html
Jim Hunt’s product will completely revolutionize stock market trading.

Previously, the public relied on financial experts to invest on their behalf. From this situation, the experts have been benefiting from the investments while the public gets only little returns or makes losses.

Wealth Wave is a powerful platform that has the ability to analyze market data and identify oncoming market crashes. Jim Hunt will continuously provide his clients with information on the perfect time to trade. In addition, he will provide the public with training materials in the form of webinars and DVD videos. The material will be distributed through the VTA Publications platform.

VTA Publications Limited is a distance learning content publisher. The company focuses on subjects related to economics. Over the years, the company has been able to hire numerous experts such as Jim Hunt to produce the contents that it distributes to the clients across the world.

Understanding How Online Reputation Works

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Online visibility has become increasingly important for businesses and individuals, but that presence comes with repercussions that most people don’t consider until things go bad. With the information people put out there, it is very easy for someone with malicious intent to use it. Repairing a tarnished reputation online can be a challenge. It is why the services of online reputation managers have become essential. In an interview with one of the biggest names in online reputation, Michael Fertik, Forbes took a look at the need-to-know of online reputation management.

The Need for Professional Help

Online reputation managers handle clients of a wide variety that include regular individuals such as blogging moms and Fortune 500 companies. An ORM professional can scrub information that needs to remain hidden or display the information that contributes positively to a reputation. As much as the internet offers a platform to market brands and promote to an audience, it may also be counterproductive when there is wrong information. Sometimes the information about you or your company may be obsolete or too old to be relevant.  ORM requires a particular set of skills because there is a public relation and a technical aspect to it. A few dos and don’ts will, of course, help your reputation but an ORM expert makes your internet presence beneficial.

ORM and Personal Branding

One misconception that people have about online reputation management is that it is only essential for companies and organizations, which is only partly true. It is also possible for someone to destroy a business through an individual. For example, an entity whose director or CEO has a tarnished reputation online will suffer the aftermath well because the public may not always disentangle the two. Individual branding online is very crucial, especially with most people using search engines to find people. ORM fixes more than just a bad image since it accentuates the positives as well. In the interview, Michael Fertik of reputation.com advises that it costs less to take preventative measures than to fix a situation after it happens.


Everything You Need to Know About Medicare Advantage from InnovaCare Health

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Getting insurance can be quite difficult if you are not aware of what works best for you. Many people have little understanding of Medicare Advantage and its potential benefits. Medicare Advantage is contained within Part C of Medicare. It is a health insurance option that is available to citizens of the United States. The plan is based on a monthly fee that the subscriber has to pay.

To qualify for this program, one has first to sign up for parts A and B Medicare. One insurance company usually manage all the parts of Medicare. Wellness benefits are normally included in Medicare Advantage, something not found in Original Medicare. The best part is that there is a limit on the out of pocket fees. There is no such limit in original Medicare. With Medicare Advantage, however, you have no option for supplemental insurance. It is a type of insurance, which helps to reduce the out of pockets fees. With Medicare Advantage, you may also potentially get dental and vision services. However, you may need to seek a referral from your physician if you want to visit a specialist.

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Daniel E. Straus, CEO & Chairman of CareOne, InnovaCare Health


About InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health is a major player in the managed health services sector in North America. The company specializes in offering Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. These are the two major conduits it offers its services. The company, which has its headquarters in Fort Lee, New Jersey, is a leader in healthcare innovation. InnovaCare aims to meet the challenges of today’s healthcare requirements for all people. The company always strives to come up with models that are fully integrated with the technological advancements of this age.

The Leadership at InnovaCare Health

Ms. Penelope Kokkinides
She is the current Chief Operating Officer at InnovaCare Heath. Penelope Kokkinides took up her current role after gaining extensive amounts of experience over time. Before her current role, she was in a similar position at Aveta Inc. She has also served as the Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Health HMO, Inc. She has more than fifteen years in the managed care sector.

Richard Shinto, M.D.
He is the current CEO of InnovaCare Health. Before its sale in 2008, Dr. Shinto was the CEO at Aveta Inc. Dr. Rick Shinto has more than twenty years in the managed care sector.

JustFab Online Subscription Retailer Sitting Pretty With Possible IPO in Near Future

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Online subscription retail shopping has exploded on to the scene with numerous start-ups hawking tons of items. Those who sell fashion by e-commerce see the immense opportunities out there, but few can really go the distance.

JustFab is one of those survivors and looking ahead to even sunnier days. According to an item in the LATimes, JustFab is raking in the revenue to the tune of $650 million, up from $505 million last year. In addition, one of the company’s founders is teasing at JustFab going public soon with an IPO (initial public offering).

Adam Goldenberg and his business partner Don Ressler co-founded JustFab which sells women’s clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry and accessories. VIP members join JustFab for great savings and extra perks when they shop each month, and currently, there are some 4 million members based around the world.

Under the JustFab fashion umbrella are three more offshoots that are also based around the online subscription model. Fabletics with Kate Hudson, FL2 with Oliver Hudson and FabKids are all performing successfully with growing VIP memberships. Learn more about JustFab: http://www.justfab.com/

The beauty in the Just Fab brand is also in the way everything is made. The company creates out of their large L.A. headquarters and designs its own products in-house, working with numerous factories located around the globe. The middle man, so to speak, is eliminated from the process, passing the savings and value on to the shopper.

People who buy online today are looking for good deals, excellent quality and prices they can afford. The executives at JustFab strongly believe they are nailing each request, something the faltering start-ups have not been able to sustain.

Their resumes show that both businessman have a lot of experience in developing winning companies in the online world.


Two Weight Loss Companies Go To Court

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Nutrimost claims that a similar company based in another state has stolen their intellectual property and are using it themselves for their own marketing gain. Nutrimost is a health and weight loss company that is based in Connecticut. The company they are suing, Healthy Living, is a Pennsylvania company that pirated a promotional video from their website, slightly edited it, and posted it on their own site.

Nutrimost is one of the most successful new weight loss companies on the market. They are committed to helping people live a healthier life through education and through using the Nutrimost Resonant Frequency. An important aspect of their weight loss plan is the fact that they avoid using prescription medication as a tool for weight loss. They are trying to change health trends in the healthcare industry and get people on a better track mentally when it comes to their weight loss.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost
It has worked. Individuals are having great success with the new method. Some people have lost over 40 lbs in the first month. One couple even lost over 140 lbs combines on the program. It has some proven results.

When watching the video on the Healthy Living website, one can’t help but notice the similarities between the two. In fact, they are almost exactly alike except for the main slogan “Ultimate Weight Loss Plan” had been changed to “Can’t Lose Diet” in the Healthy Living video.

Healthy Living did not respond to their liking. They merely posted a slightly more edited version of the video.

This led to the matter being taken to court. Nutrimost is suing for damages to the total of $300,000 to make up for the estimated losses from the stolen video.

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How Goettl Air Conditioning Gives back to Community

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In an article that was originally published in Las Vegas Informer, Goettl Air Conditioning recently donated an estimated $14,000 of service to an elderly woman living in Las Vegas. The woman was facing issues with her air conditioning system, which unluckily she could not afford to fix.

The 94-year old woman, who is a native of Las Vegas, had two poorly functioning air conditioners that cooled her house during the hot summers. When the air conditioners failed, Ms. Jean Jackson was in trouble since she could not fix them. The air conditioners were outdated and needed to be replaced since they could not be repaired.

Due to the high costs of replacing the air conditioners Ms. Jean Jackson had given up. The cost of installing a decent air conditioning unit was beyond her. Her home needed rewiring to support any new generation air conditioner since the old units were old and out of the market.

Living without an air conditioner in summer can be dangerous to the elderly. According to the Centers for Disease control and prevention, elderly people do not adjust quickly to temperature changes.

Ms. Jackson was aware of the medical problems since she had once suffered from a heat stroke. Nurses had suggested that she move into a nursing home since her air conditioning system was worn out but she was afraid to move out of the comfort of her 33-year-old cabin.

When Goettl Air Conditioning and Sunny Plumber learnt about Ms. Jackson’s predicament from Clark County Social Services Department, they resorted to fixing her air conditioning system. Ken Goodrich said that his company was doing that as a donation to the Las Vegan community. They fixed the cooling system with a custom mini-split unit that served a dual purpose of cooling the house during summer and warming it during winter.

Goettl Air Conditioning Staff boasts of a dedicated team of technicians that offers quality services to their customers. They offer a range of services on air conditioning such as installing central air units, air cleaners, UV germicidal lights, radiant heating systems, and other related repair services.

They are dedicated to providing services that satisfy the needs of their customers. Their services can be accessed day or night in any day of the week.


Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

Seattle Genetics and Its Contributions to the Treatment of Cancer

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The Bothell-based Biotechnology Company; Seattle Genetics is focused on innovative empowered monoclonal antibody-based therapies to aid in the treatment of cancer. The company is a global leader in the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), an innovation that assists in harnessing the targeting capability of antibodies to direct cell-killing agents to cancer cells. ADCs are designed to single out non-targeting cells, thereby reducing the adverse toxic effects of traditional chemotherapy. This procedure has the potential to improve antitumor activity.

ADCETRIS (Brentuximab Vedotin), which is the company’s main product, is commercially available in over 60 nations including European Union, Canada, U.S., and Japan. The availability of ADCETRIS in these countries has been made possible with the collaboration between Seattle Genetics and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Seattle Genetics has exclusive rights to market Brentuximab vedotin in the United States and Canada while Takeda Pharmaceutical has the rights to market the product in the remaining nations.

The CD30-targeted ADC is being tested broadly in many ongoing clinical trials. These trials will serve as a basis to evaluate the product’s therapeutic potential. Apart from Brentuximab vedotin, Seattle Genetics is also working to improve vadastuximab Talirine (SGN-CD33A; 33A). Vadastuximab Talirine is expected to proceed to the third phase for acute myeloid leukemia later this year. The company is also working on a broad pipeline of products, including Enfortumab Vedotin, SEA-CD40, SGN-CD19B, SGN-CD70A,(Denintuzumab Mafodotin), SGN-CD19A; 19A, ASG-15ME, ASG-22ME, and SGN-LIV1A.

These products are a result of collaborations between Seattle Genetics and different biotechnology companies including GlaxoSmithKline, AbbVie, Bayer, Pfizer and Genentech

The President of Seattle Genetics: Clay B. Siegall

Clay B. Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics. He founded the company in 1998. Currently, he is serving as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, President, as well as Chairman of the Board. The company was established on a foundation of detailed research, scientific innovation, drug development practices and of course a passion for assisting cancer patients.

Mr. Siegall has steered the company to its present position. It is under his leadership that the company’s first ADC product, ADCETRIS (Brentuximab Vedotin) was approved. Brentuximab Vedotin is now a global brand being commercialized in over 60 nations. It is also during his tenure that the company has entered into different strategic licenses for its ADC innovation. Mr. Siegall is also a renowned author who has over 70 publications. On top of that, he holds over 10 patents.

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Outstanding Female Leader Fights Forward Despite Corruption

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While international law makes a theoretical promise to enforce human rights across any veil, somehow progress for woman has taken a step back. Disillusioned demagogues spit slander at a time of unforeseen impact as citizens around the communications sphere wonder how worldwide political discourse could have come to its current climate. Consequently, in a world in which the oppression of woman is institutionalized, it is no wonder that a bold and independent entrepreneur like Malini Saba has felt the string of injustice.

Even though Saba has donated to various global causes, including over 300k to earthquake relief to Equador, and has watched as her efforts have blossomed into multi-millionaire status, the oppressors of the world wish to diminish and capitalize from her achievements. Facing constant roadblocks from corrupt officials passing off detrimental, falsified permits to accusations from a biased media that is under the firm financial grasp of specific interests. Malini Saba has still managed to thrive, taking many of her firms, including Saban Capital, to epic heights.

What separates Saba from conventional business titans is her immense willpower and grit. Unlike those that had every advantage handed to them, Saba fought against all odds in Sri Lanka to succeed against the current. Coming from humble origins, Saba understands what it’s like to not be part of the conventional investors club, yet has still managed to spread her interests worldwide. Through powerful female leadership and the facilitation skills she garnered from international education, Saba manages a large percentage of her assets in Asian energy commodities, as well as America’s tech sector and the Australian real estate industry.

Malini loves to go out into the field, breaking boundaries by interacting with the workers whom she holds so dear, in the environment in which they actually work. It is this innate, direct interaction that enhances Malini’s understanding and prowess in her investments. Understanding common people has driven Saba’s incredible philanthropic contributions to causes like the “Stree: Global Investments in Woman Organization”, that ensure the woman and children of the world are not left unsupported and forgotten.

Saba advocates for the weak because she understands the inherent social duty that follows with fiscal prowess.

Brian Bonar Honored by Cambridge Publishing as One to Know

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It is always thrilling to see individuals being honored for high achievement, frankly we love to watch the gold medal presentations every four years awarded to the world best athletes, and it makes us weep. Equally, we are amazed when individuals in the financial world make it big; they are the premier success stories.

So when Brian Bonar took home the Professional Networking Community’s loftiest honor people cheered from all over the globe. He was titled the Cambridge Publishing’s 2010/2011 Executive of the Year and was representing the business of finance. Now, Brian Bonar is known well in the financial world of commerce.

MG2 said that Brian Bonar is the Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is also the chairman of the company. Moreover, he is the who’s who head honcho of executive finance too. The Cambridge Who’s Who Registry is a feather in anyone’s cap because only four individuals can be chosen from each category, two men and two females.

The honorees are hand-picked from hundreds of applicants. The top-tier executives are select on account of their high professional accomplishments. Their academic achievements and leadership abilities are a must have, and their likability factor puts them front and center.

It is no wonder Brian Bonar took home the Professional Networking Community’s proud honor for he is a man of dynamite action. He has three decades of experience in the profession of management; he is a mogul in the financial area of business. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.spokeo.com/Brian-Bonar

This makes Brian Bonar a giant in his field of study and vocation. He has a knack for doing business, he have supervised operations successfully for Dalrada Financial Corporation for years and is well respected. He is also Chairman and CEO of another prosperous company, Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc.

Brian Bonar is President of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. Not to mention he also hold a Ph.D., and is a member of the American Finance Association.

As the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation he is a go-getter, no task is too small for this tycoon. He works, it is a labor intensive labor of love, but a job he is good at. So, not only does Brian Bonar manage the financial business end supremely, he is good with people, and is accountable to the productivity of his employees. Dalrada Financial Corporation performed as a marketing link for growth and stability.

The company offers patrons a diversity of platforms which increase business efficiency. The company has a wide range of services, such as risk management insurance, financial management, and promotional and business management.

Brian Bonar is a magnet for commerce; he excels at so many disciplines that it is hard to draft a resume. However, if he did include all his skills the resume would be pages long. He would need to cite turn around management, sourcing, and recruiting, for he is a people person.

Okay, how about private equity and marketing strategies? To be true to Brian Bonar’s triumphs they must be celebrated.

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Brian Bonar | LinkedIn