Sean Penn reveals the reality in the present society through his book, ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.’

Sean Penn is a man who can do a lot of amazing things all at once. He is an actor, a filmmaker, a producer as well as a director. He was born in California in a family where his father was an actor as well as a director. His mother was an actress. This is one of the reasons he developed the interest in acting because his parents inspired him and he has always wanted to maintain their legacy in acting. He attended Santa Monica High school where he studied together with other actors such as Charlie Sheen and Rob Lowe.

Today he is recognized for writing numerous books and acting a vast number of movies. Fast Times at Ridgemont High was one of his breakthrough roles. He also acted the Dead Man Walking and other films during these times. He also wrote and produced The Crossing Guard and many more books that he has continued to write until today.

Besides, he is also an award winner. He was a winner of a couple of Academy Awards for the best actor. He increased his fame over the years especially after he married his wife Madonna who they later divorced. Among his recent credits for acting are the Tree f Life, Milk, I am Sam, The weight f Water, All the Kings Men among others.

One of his recent books is called’ Bob Honey who Just Do Stuff.’ In this book, he emphasizes strongly on the modern American Culture and Morality. The main character in this bk includes a man, Bob Honey, who is divorced and lives a kind of a secret life but does a variety of Jobs such as sewerage specialist, a government operative, assassin, Jehova’s Witness among others. Bob is described as a man who has been finding it hard to get along with other people in the society.

He is also said to be used by a secure kind of a government association to kill older adults using the country’s resources by assassinating them. He even tries to learn about marine life, but a journalist comes along to question him about the hatred for him in the community, but he does not like about people seeking to know about him. He hates media and advertisements. In this book, Penn tries to create the story of the Assassin Bob Honey with the new real-world aspects such as the Las Vegas Shootings and the Me Too movements.