Securus Technologies Ensuring Contraband Phones Stay Out of Hands of Prisoners

Even though the correctional world is flooded with new and old companies that are trying to help the sector become more secure and safe for all the stakeholders involved, one of the companies that have been leading the industry for long is Securus Technologies. The products and services of Securus Technologies are widely accepted and admired for its effectiveness, efficiency, and affordability. Whether it is inmate communication services or the investigative services, Securus Technologies has ensured that it gives the best it can to the end users. One of the new technologies it has recently offered to the sector is the wireless containment system.


Using a phone that is not authorized by the correctional agencies inside a prison is strictly prohibited and even punishable by law. The correctional facilities have means of communications with the outside world, and these days inmates can call, video chat, and also send an e-mail to their friends and family members from prison. However, even after so many facilities, it is surprising to find that the use of contraband phones in prison is on rising. The number of contraband phones that were seized from prison facilities in the last couple of quarters has been astonishing. It has become a subject matter of concern and discussion as something needs to be done about it because it potentially puts the lives of many prison officers and even inmates in danger. Many inmates, as well as the prison officials, has been hit and attacked in the past due to the orders were given using the contraband phones.


One such example is of the ex-correctional officer, Robert Johnson, who took around six bullets on his chest and stomach due to being exceptionally well in confiscating contraband packages in prison. It was an ability that interfered with the mischievous plans of the inmates and their extended criminal network outside the prison. Robert Johnson after the shooting incident left his job as a correctional officer and joined Securus Technologies. He used his over fifteen years of correctional experience to design and develop technologies that would override the methodologies used by the inmates to get contraband phones and packages inside the prison.


It is what helped in developing the wireless containment system that would eliminate the extensive use of contraband phones in prisons across the country. The prison officers don’t have to worry about who has the contraband phones and who is using it in the jails once the wireless containment system is activated. It is because this technology would completely block out the commercial networks from being connected to the contraband phones. Thus, the contraband phones would be ineffective in making or receiving calls. The wireless containment system is still in its initial stages of development but has performed successfully in its test run so far in the eight correctional facilities where it was tested.