Securus Technologies – Offering Highly Advanced Prison Communication and Crime Prevention Technology

Securus Technologies is a company that is built on research, innovation, and the trust of its customers and investors. The company has been making groundbreaking progress in the past few years in the category of inmate communication and crime prevention and is offering a host of products and services to the inmates as well as the law enforcement agencies.



Securus Technologies, through its rapid advancement in the field of inmate communications and correctional technology, has been able to get over 600 patents to its name and continues to launch at least one new service every other week. It has helped in modernizing the incarceration experience and allows the prisoners to stay in contact with their loved ones, which is crucial for them to alleviate the stress that builds up.



Securus Technologies currently reaches out to over 1,200,000 prisoners and serves over 3,450 agencies. The company also recently won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service training team, which goes on to show the commitment of the company towards it customers. In a press release the company issued recently, the company has showcased the comments from the letters of the law enforcement officials it continues to get on a regular basis.



In the comments, the law enforcement officials have described how the services offered by law enforcement officials make it much easier for them to catch the offenders and bring the culprit to justice. It also helps the law enforcement officials to get the evidence they need to convict the criminals in the court of justice. The company also took the press release as an opportunity to invite all the existing and potential customers and investors to visit its Technology Center in Dallas.



As a law enforcement official myself, I have used the products and services of Securus and can say for sure that it’s highly advanced. It helps in ways more than one to keep communities safer and prevent crime.