The Latest and Greatest in New Jersey Real Estate Development

The latest news in commercial real estate is that Boraie Development, a commercial developer in New Jersey has been focused on the launch of a 250 unit rental project in Atlantic City. This rental project will be responsible for the creation of more homes in the area, but it will also mean more jobs for those in Atlantic City. There is more good news for residents and employers in the area. The project is on target to be wrapped up during the summer months in 2018. This is exciting for those who feel they commute too far, and it is welcome relief for those who desire to walk to their employer rather than drive. Those who desire a place in the city will be pleased to see this completed project this summer. For more details visit Bloomberg.

One of the most fascinating bits of information was the tour that was just given to those interested in seeing the site where building is taking place. One of the most common things these days is renting at the market rate. This will be one of the first market rate projects to be built in nearly 25 years in the Atlantic City area. The name of the new project will be The Beach at South Inlet, and the complex totals nearly $81 million dollars. The number last given of consumers it will serve totals around 50,000. This is a good number given the size of the city, and those it could bring into the city due to the new complex.

Boraie Development is focused on offering a wide array of services within the real estate market. Focused on the urban market, Omar Boraie has put its energy and expertise into urban development, with an emphasis on sales and marketing, as well as property management. Boraie is also known for having a stellar reputation in serving its clients and providing prompt and thorough service to all who work with the development company. Check out their website

What is their strong suit? One of the greatest advantages Boraie Development has today is working with the strongest and longest running financial institutions to not only get clients what they need, but to close deals quickly and efficiently. All those who work with Boraie Development, including contractors and architects are always proud to be a part of a project that they are spearheading.

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