The Ten-Year Mark for Rocketship Education Shows how Successful Their Program Is

Rocketship Education recently received attention for its dedication to serving the educational needs of children from low-income families. This network of cha

rter schools has now been assisting both students and parents for ten years. In response to their achievements, the team took a look back at what they learned from the programs they implemented within their schools. The stand the network takes on encouraging parents and educators in the community to demand higher quality education needs to have a higher focus in order to see increased results. They also take pride in the empowerment they have given to low-income families in order to help them make educational changes within their own communities. They believe in classroom diversity, which extends to the educators they hire.

Rocketship Education’s belief in empowerment goes hand-in-hand with their philosophical viewpoint that every student can succeed. Their dedication to providing students at the elementary level with the skill sets they need to succeed in high school and beyond have given the children from disadvantaged areas a brighter future. This dramatic change can be seen in the progress the Rocketship charter schools have made in the area of San Jose. Not only have the school’s original attendees gone on to graduate high school, but many have become enrolled in college as well. In fact, the differences this network has made in this region has led to the launching of 25 additional Rocketship charter schools.

The Rocketship Education program places its focus on three main objectives. They believe in staffing their schools with excellent leaders and educators, they strive to provide students with personalized learning and they take an active role in engaging parents. In fact, this network of charter schools believes a parent’s role in the educational process is so important that they allow them to help in the hiring process for teachers. Parents in Washington D.C. interviewed prospective candidates for a Rocketship charter school that was scheduled to open later in the year. Parents who take an active interest in the educators teaching their children, are looking for individuals who share the same core values held by themselves and the Rocketship network of schools.